Under The Mountain release sophomore album ‘II’

Under The Mountain release sophomore album ‘II’

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada based hard rockers Under The Mountain have released their sophomore album II.

Track List for II:
01. Freight Train
02. Hold On Tight
03. PPT
04. Valhalla
05. Ash And Dust
06. Relapse
07. Into The Unknown
08. Ursus
09. Whiskey Rock
10. Lemmy

Under The Mountain‘s “Biography” on their Facebook page states in part (with slight edits):

“It’s scary to think of a world where Rock and Metal music are dead and gone. These days, it seems that Pop music has managed to dig its pink-painted claws into each and every form of Rock music there is. Under the Mountain will have none of it. The Canadian-based four piece hard rock band came together during a time of steady decline of badassdom on the radio to set things right again. This is their story…

Under the Mountain was formed in 2009 when two high school friends, Steve Plantz (lead vocals/guitar) and Myles Young (guitar) kept in touch and decided to start a band. It was his job as a painter that led Myles to Curt Patrick (bass), who was a drywaller working on the same jobsite as Myles. At the time, Curt was a guitarist who happened to own a bass guitar. Myles asked Curt to jam and later that day, they got together with Steve and made music. They didn’t tell Curt that this was also his audition; and he killed it! After a year-long search for a drummer which consisted of roughly 20 tryouts, Yue He, friend of the band and talented guitarist for Death Metal bands, Evilocity and Cryptic Enslavement found what would be Under the Mountain‘s perfect fit for a drummer.

Yue was a car salesman who dealt with Mandarin-speaking customers. He was in the middle of making a sale to Xie Bing Xiao a.k.a Fred (drummer) when he found out Fred played the drums. Fred came to Canada from his home in Beijing, China to study music at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, BC, where the band currently resides. Under the Mountain‘s sound is described by members of the band as “somewhere between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal”. Fans have refered to it as “balls out Rock n Roll”. Uncontrollably, you’ll find your head banging, feet stomping, and fists pumping to their hard hitting heavy riffs.”

Under The Mountain‘s “Into The Unknown” song:

Under the Mountain – Into the Unknown

First single released from Under the Mountain’s second album (II) – Into the Unknown© 2018 Risque Disque Records