Unofficial Betsy Bitch Website Goes Online


November 16, 2009

Information site about pioneering heavy metal band Bitch and their frontwoman Betsy Bitch

Unofficial Betsy Bite Website Goes OnlineFreelance writer and music critic David Gasten is pleased to announce the launching of BETSYBITCH.COM (, an information website about the pioneering female-fronted metal band Bitch and their frontwoman Betsy Bitch. The site is currently live and has already made the top ten for the search query “Betsy Bitch” in Google. is an unofficial information site that was built with the full cooperation of Betsy Bitch and the band, and is absolutely packed with information, much of which has been unavailable or difficult to find until now. Some of the site’s features include:

        – Updates and background on Bitch’s upcoming album and new All-Star lineup,
        – A detailed, three-page Bitch discography, featuring release information on Bitch albums, compilations, and band member appearances on other albums,
        – A bio that covers the band’s early years and influences,
        – A two-page photo gallery of Betsy and the band featuring some otherwise unpublished photos,
        – Links to other Bitch appearances and metal resources on the Web.

Bitch were and are staples in the famous Hollywood metal scene that began in the 1980’s and is seeing a renaissance as we speak. Bitch are actually “early birds” to the scene thanks to their interest in groups like Saxon, Angel Witch, Riot, and Warning when albums by these performers were very obscure and hard to find. Bitch ended up becoming the first woman-fronted American heavy metal band ever to be signed to a record label, as well as the first band ever to release an album with the legendary Metal Blade Records. They also happen to be on the landmark heavy metal compilation Metal Massacre (1982), which is the album that introduced the world to Metallica.

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