Unruly Child Go “Down The Rabbit Hole” On New Album

Unruly Child Go “Down The Rabbit Hole” On New Album

October 6, 2014

Unruly Child have returned with their fifth studio album of all orginal material, ‘Down The Rabbit Hole – Side One’. The seven song release marks the band’s first album since their 2010 reunion effort ‘Worlds Collide’.

Released under their newly formed record label, Unruly Records, ‘Down The Rabbit Hole – Side One’ can now be purchased at www.cdbaby.com. Currently the album is only available digitally, although there are plans to release a physical double CD collection with “possibly” 16 to 17 tracks.

“We want to get our music out sooner than later,” said the members of Unruly Child. “Then we thought, let’s just release it as “one side of a record” at a time — vintage speak for anyone who remembers vinyl and the reality of side one and side two. Not wanting to put out two partial CDs, we decided on a different approach. We would release 6 to 7 songs digitally, work on the next batch — then release 6 to 7 more. After that it would be easy to just create one physical CD of all the material together, a compilation — but then we had an even better idea. We could create more material, include everything — new unreleased recordings, the original 14 songs with extended mixes and possibly even bonus material and put it all together on one or possibly two CDs. It would be kind of an “Unruly Child oeuvre”, and something we could really put our hearts into.”

“When we began the creative process on these songs we made a promise to ourselves to go wherever the “imaginative winds” would take us,” Unruly Child continued. “We weren’t interested in recapturing a sound, revisiting the “old days” or targeting the listener — as we truly believe that to be an overt exercise in being condescending to our audience and to ourselves. In life and in art, there are times you just gotta take a deep breath, trust your heart and walk down a different path.”

“A singer without a song is just another human being and the sorrows of life are the joys of art,” added vocalist Marcie Free. “I am so blessed and incredibly honored to be a part of one of the most talented and prolific songwriting duos to come down the pike since Lennon & McCartney. Not to mention how additionally talented musicians and producers they are! I love you Bruce Gowdy & Guy Allison. Long live Unruly Child!”

Since the initial release of the critically-acclaimed debut ‘Unruly Child’ in 1992, the members of Unruly Child have successfully pursued accomplished careers in the music industry. Vocalist Marcie Michelle Free (King Kobra and Signal), guitarist Bruce Gowdy (Stone Fury and World Trade), and keyboardist Guy Allison (Lodgic, World Trade, and Doobie Brothers) reunited in 2010 to write and produce their first album together in nearly 20 years since their Interscope Records debut. They ignited unanimous praise in the melodic rock world with the album ‘Worlds Collide’.

The genesis of Unruly Child was the core writing and production team of the original three members — Free, Gowdy and Allison. This album is the natural evolution of the creative spirit of these three, moving into sometimes familiar and ofttimes new musical landscapes.

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