Vains Of Jenna Accused Of Stealing Riff To New Single


June 30, 2009

Swedish rock band Vains Of Jenna have been accused of taking the main riff to their new single “Get It On” from Italian band Cream Pie’s 2008 song “Whore”. You can listen to each of the songs at and to judge for yourself.

Cream Pie states, “”Whore” has been published in March 2008 for the Cream Pie debut album ‘Dirty Job’. The song has been on myspace since March 2008 and it was the number one song in the Cream Pie myspace playlist until April 2009.

So guess what…the song was really easy to find and listen to once on our page.

At this point Cream pie would like to ask Vains Of Jenna: How would ya’ll feel if listening to another band ya’ll find out they got one of your riffs? And to everybody else: If you compare the two songs could you ever tell that the two riffs aren’t equal?”

Vains Of Jenna recently played their first USA show of 2009 and the “Bang Your Head With Mike & Ed” show ( was there to interview the band.

Catch footage from the show below, including the unveiling of their new single, “Get It On” as well as them performing the Tom Petty classic “Refugee”. Both songs will be included on Vains Of Jenna’s forthcoming CD, produced by Brent Woods (Vince Neil, Wildside).

Ep#23-Vains of Jenna @ The Galaxy Theatre!

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