Vains Of Jenna Add Second Guitarist To The Band

Vains Of Jenna Add Second Guitarist To The Band

August 21, 2010

Vains Of Jenna — who recently announced that they are about to release a five song EP entitled ‘We Can Never Die’, start work on a covers album for Cleopatra Records and begin recording the follow-up to ‘The Art Of telling Lies’ in 2011 — have also become a five-piece with the addition of second guitarist Anton Sevholt.

“I’m really excited to play with these guys,” says Anton, “I’ve seen them live many times since starting out in Falkenberg. I hope I can bring something new to the band.”

Anton is a fellow Swede, and at just 21 years old has plenty of energy and really brings it live. The fans in Europe know this after seeing him over the spring/summer tour.

“I’ve known Anton for a long time, he’s a great guy and a better musician,” says Vains Of Jenna guitarist Nicki Kin. “To have another guitarist in the band who can focus on guitar makes the chemistry really work! He really fits and the band has never been better than it is right now.”

Last week Vains Of Jenna stated that, “We are super excited to announce that VAINS OF JENNA have signed a new recording deal with Deadline/Cleopatra Records and E1 Distribution to record and release a “special edition” covers project in early 2011. We have wanted to do something unique like this for years and will be recording it this fall. We are super stoked to do it with this label who totally believe in rock n’ roll. There will be a few surprises on here, and we won’t give all away, but you will hear VOJ remakes of awesome music by artists like Bob Seger, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Bad Company, The Beatles and many more. As some of you may have already heard we are also releasing our new “We Can Never Die” 5 Song E.P. on RLS/RAW NOISE RECORDS in September. Also, look for the new VIDEO for “Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead 2010 Mix” which is featured on this new CD along with a killer new track and the E.P. title – “We Can Never Die”.”

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