Vains Of Jenna Announce Jesse Forte As New Lead Singer

Vains Of Jenna Announce Jesse Forte As New Lead Singer

March 26, 2010

Vains Of Jenna Announce Jesse Forte As New Lead reports: VAINS OF JENNA introduce new front man lead vocalist Jesse Forte.

It was just 10 days ago that VAINS OF JENNA announced the departure of their long time friend, Swedish comrade and vocalist Lizzy DeVine. However, it’s a new day, change is now and we are proud to introduce to you Jesse Forte the new lead singer and front man for VAINS OF JENNA.

Jesse Forte was raised in Orange County California and comes from a musical back ground. He attended music school at MI, played in a slew of bands since a teenager and even admits he pan-handled on the corner playing guitar for money. Jesse says: “I am a performer first. Whether it be 5 people, or 5,000 – I am embrace that opportunity to sing and play music.” The bands newest member was born in Arkansas but moved to the West Coast at a very young age. Eventually Hollywood’s music scene came calling and Jesse started killing and thrilling crowds on the Sunset Strip.

“We first saw Jesse in 2009 when his band opened for us at the ‘Cat Club’. And he blew us away.” Says VAINS OF JENNA co-founder and bassist JP White. Jesse is unique for sure. Imagine Steven Tyler’s charisma and Chris Cornell’s voice mixed in a blender with a pair of nunchakus – add pinch of Brandon Lee and you get Jesse Forte. The bands new voice has studied the martial arts since his youth.

The Swedish rockers have had lots of success during their young career in the states. So, this was no doubt a big blow – but the band refused to lay down and die. “It’s not in my blood to stop doing what I started. I love music, I live music, and this is what I do.” Says Nicki Kin the bands key song writer and multi instrumentalist. Kin plays lead guitar, piano and has in the last year; even shared some lead vocal duty in VAINS OF JENNA. The band has lived the American dream by touring on the biggest of stages, appearing on the hippest TV shows, and gracing the pages of countless magazines. But that was yesterday, and today is a new day. “We embrace this change, and we welcome Jesse into our family.” Says the band.

VAINS OF JENNA first burst into the music world when Kin & drummer Jacki Stone were still in High School. Gigs on the weekends, rehearsals at night and school all day. Jacki says: “Thank God that is behind us, I never liked school much and had no interest to be a factory worker. I pursued music very early and have no plans to quit.” The youngest and self taught drummer has been playing in bands with Kin since they were in the 4th grade. Stone’s brother White has this outlook: “We’re not a Hollywood band or a Swedish band either. We’re just a rock band. We want to see the world. And I speak for all of us when I say – we cannot wait for the world to see us.”

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