Vains Of Jenna Beats Up Cradle Of Filth Tour Manager In Dressing Room


July 10, 2009

It seems there was some crazy stuff that went down on tour when English goth rockers Cradle of Filth clashed with the Sweden’s bad boys Vains of Jenna.

According to sources the two had numerous confrontations on the Viva La Bands II tour which also featured GWAR & CKY. One of the more serious incidents involved a fight in Florida which Bam Margera talked about this week. The MTV star from Jackass and Viva La Bam has his own radio show on SIRIUS and recently interviewed VOJ lead singer Lizzy DeVine who came on to promote the bands new single “Get it On”.

Bam can’t help but laugh when he talks about hearing the following from the tour staff: “Vains of Jenna just beat up the guy from Cradle of Filth because they wanted to fuck these girls.” And his reply: “That’s the best fucking thing I’ve heard all month.”

Below is a letter from COF management detailing the incident, and requesting VOJ be removed from the tour. Much to their chagrin, that never happened. The fight was broken up by members of GWAR but not before some damage was done. In the end, the VOJ guys got laid, and COF got their feelings hurt.

VAINS of JENNA is on tour now in the states in support of their new single “Get it On” available on iTunes.

Listen to the clip from RADIO BAM on SIRIUS below:

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Vains Of Jenna Beats Up Cradle Of Filth Tour Manager In Dressing Room

Below is copy of the letter from COF management sent to the Viva La Bands tour staff & VOJ’s label Filthy Note Records.

To whom it may concern,
I have just had a very disturbing phone call from Steve Page. He was physically assaulted in the COF dressing room last night by two members of Veins Of Jenna. The VOJ people were trying to take two girls in to the shared dressing room where COF have all their personal goods during the COF show and Steve stopped them from entering. The arrangement had been the other bands were perfectly welcome to use the showers in the dressing room, but that the room was for COF’s use.

First they kicked in the door and then they proceeded to beat up Steve. Steve potentially has a broken finger along with various cuts and bruises. This whole scenario was caught on CCTV and was only stopped by the intervention of the bass player from GWAR.

Apparently after this the VOJ guys then started more trouble with Mike and again was only stopped by someone from GWAR.

I had to bring one of my people from the Rockstar bus on to our bus to sleep in the lounge as obviously my band do not appreciate their tour manager being beaten up for doing his job, by the opening act. As one of COF is a black belt in various martial arts and was fairly keen to rip them limb from limb at that point. However that was not going to solve any problem..

This behaviour is totally out of order and Steve fully intends to call the police and press charges for assault, unless they are removed from the tour now.

I would like to know what you intend to do about this please?

Best Wishes

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