Vains Of Jenna Return With ‘Reverse Tripped’ On April 15th

Vains Of Jenna Return With ‘Reverse Tripped’ On April 15th

March 1, 2011

Vains of Jenna will be playing live at the Whisky A Go Go on April 1st to celebrate their new release ‘Reverse Tripped’! The album, the band’s first full-length with new singer Jesse Forte, will be out in stores on April 5th.

Says the band, “Our killer merch guy Kyle, aka Candy, will have it for sale at the merch stand along with a bunch of NEW T-shirts, pins, patches and alot of other crap. The album will be available in MP3, CD, and Vinyl!! We can’t wait to see a lot of fans at the whisky partying with us!! make sure to purchase your ticket from us and help support.” Tickets to the Whisky show can be purchased at

Last year the Swedish rockers introduced singer Jesse Forte on the EP ‘We Can Never Die’. A video for the 2010 mix of the band’s hit “Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead” was filmed to promote the EP and can be viewed below.

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