Valerie Bertinelli Says Eddie Van Halen Is OK


March 6, 2008

Everybody’s been worried about Eddie Van Halen since the reunited Van Halen cancelled some tour dates, but the guitarist’s ex-wife, Valerie Bertinelli, says he’s okay.

A publicist’s statement about Van Halen, “undergoing a battery of comprehensive medical tests to determine a defined diagnosis and recommended medical procedures,” left fans wondering if the problem was booze or a recurrence of cancer; over the phone from Ohio where she is touring in support of her new book, Losing It, Bertinelli says she completely understands the public interest in Van Halen’s health.

“I just talked to him a couple of days ago. I understand the curiosity — I was curious until I talked to him. He sounds terrific,” said the actress.

“He’s just being very pro-active. It’s not as awful as people think it is. I’m so proud of him right now. He sounded terrific, and hopefully they’ll start back up again on the 11th.”

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