Van Arx release video for “Stand Up (For Rock And Roll)”

Van Arx release video for “Stand Up (For Rock And Roll)”

Swiss glam rockers Van Arx have released a video for their song “Stand Up (For Rock And Roll).”

Van Arx‘s websitevan-arx-photo provides the following description for each of the band members (with slight edits):

Tyler String — Tyler has been playing the guitar for about 100 years… other artists are way better after only 3 months of practice, but this is exactly why he fits the band just perfectly!

Nontheless he uses B.C. Rich guitars, Fractal Audio Systems (the legendary AXE FX), Hughes & Kettner Switchblade and other exquisite gear. In his spare time he travels to his hideaway in Aspen – preferably operating his private helicopter – just to enjoy a deep beauty sleep beside his fireplace.

Jake Fake — Jake started to play tenor, alto and bass triangle at the age of 12. After several severe injuries when hitting his thumbs he switched to the Guitar. In an Interview with Metal Hammer he stated, his first Guitar was an Ibanez Iceman, still in his possession and pimped by his buddy Tyler.

He likes various musical styles but mostly epic bombastic and dramatic scores. In the rare moments when not on tour he recovers while jogging skiing or scuba diving.

Sticky Martin — Sticky is absolutely enthusiastic about drums in every way. Especially when it comes to powerful and uptempo rhythms, such as classic hard rock and metal tunes played by his heroes like Nicko McBrain, Ian Paice, Cozy Powell, Eric Carr and many more.

van-arx-photo-2Grown up along the New Wave of British Heavy Metal-era back in the 80s, he still has the attitude of those glamorous times. He sure likes large drum kits with two (or more) kick drums and a bunch of toms and cymbals. It has to sound AND look big…

Knowing the benefits of electronic drums, Sticky started back in the 90s performing on the fabulous Ddrum AT (by Clavia), which is still part of the current tour kit. Check out the machines…

What else? Driving across the Swiss mountains on a Steel-Horse (BMW 1200 GS, I have tried e Harley, but it was way too lame),

Enjoying red wine, family & friends, cheers…

Brewster Kickass — Brew grew up in a well behaved and worryfree environment. He was incredibly polite, very nice, had an ear for everyone. In short words – everybody’s darling. Or in even shorter words – a loser. His life changed dramatically when he bought his first album “Iron Maiden, Killers”, followed by Manowar‘s “Fighting The World”. He began to understand, that chicks don’t want nice guys, they want men!

While Brew remained respectful and took his good manners with him, he learned how to make women incredibly happy and very satisfied. He never allows more than three groupies in the tour bus at the same time, because he would not be able to take care of all of them. And they deserve his full attention! He lives in a wooden house in the mountains, with a big fireplace and a high floor carpet in front. There’s always enough of Champagne and fresh strawberrys in the fridge. Since he really does not like sports too much, he lives in his house at the beach on the US west coast for the winter time. There’s always enough time for a sensational BBQ accompanied by a lovely red wine, prefereably “New World” Shiraz or Caberbet/Merlot.

He often cruises along the coast either with his Dodge Viper or the Ferrari California Spider, listening to classic hard rock and 80s metal. That’s what he calls freedom! Brewster plays Ibanez and Fender bass guitars, Seymour Duncan Pickups and Fender flat wound strings.

Van Arx‘s “Stand Up (For Rock And Roll)” video:

VAN ARX – Stand Together (For Rock And Roll)

This Song appears on the US-Version of our Debut “Stand Together For Rock And Roll” and is available right now:…