Van Halen Fan Injured After Stagedive; Finds Unlikely ‘Savior’


December 14, 2007

One over-zealous Van Halen fan was left injured when a stage dive at the end of the group’s Vancouver, British Columbia show last week left him dazed and confused.

The unnamed fan jumped up onstage as the reunited group took it’s bow at the close of the show, and ran around trying to shake the band mates’ hands, while avoiding burly security guards.

He then attempted to jump from the stage but fell awkwardly and was left writhing backstage in agony.

But he was rewarded for his courage – Eddie Van Halen waved off the security men, who were intent on roughing the fan up further, and then helped the devotee to his feet and walked him around, acting as his crutch, according to

Speaking to a local radio DJ after the show, the fan said, “After I bailed, I noticed security all around me and I accepted my fate, then I felt a hand on my shoulder and I thought it was another guard, but I turned and lone behold it was the mighty Eddie Van Halen. Right away he asked if I was all right and told the security to back off and not beat me to a pulp.”

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