Van Halen’s Original Debut Album Artwork For Sale


May 1, 2009

A rare album cover proof for Van Halen’s first album with their original logo is available for purchase at this location. The alternate LP cover measures 24 3/4 by 12 1/4 and is printed on cardboard.

Van Halen's Original Debut Album Artwork For Sale

The auction states, “this is an unbelievable Van Halen collectible that I obtained from Noel Monk, Van Halen’s Manager from 1978-1985. Cannot believe I am selling this, but circumstances sometimes suck, so it’s time to let go. The reputed story is that David Lee Roth spotted a Sex Pistols similar pose and requested the same for his cover. When this version was done, he rejected it as he thought it was too punky. Noel also told me that Alex hated his photo, it made him “look like a giant”.”

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