Vandenberg unleash lyric video for new single “Light It Up”

Vandenberg unleash lyric video for new single “Light It Up”

Vandenberg consisting of band founder and guitarist Adrian Vandenberg, new lead vocalist Mats Leven, bassist Randy van der Elsen and drummer Koen Herfst have unveiled a lyric video for their new single “Light It Up” from their upcoming new studio album Sin, which will be released via Music Theories on August 25, 2023.

Track List for Sin:
01. Thunder And Lightning
02. House of Fire
03. Sin
04. Light It Up
05. Walking On Water
06. Burning Skies
07. Hit The Ground Running
08. Baby You’ve Changed
09. Out of The Shadows

Vandenberg released three studio albums in the ’80s consisting of Vandenberg (1982), Heading For A Storm (1983) and Alibi (1985) before disbanding when Adrian Vandenberg joined Whitesnake. Vandenberg spearheaded by the guitarist released the album 2020 (2020) via Mascot Records with a new line-up.

In an interview with Paul Brannigan for Louder Sound’s Classic Rock published in January 2023, Adrian Vandenberg was asked why Vandenberg‘s second and third albums didn’t sell as well as the debut record in America. The guitarist replied (with slight edits):

“The second album [Heading For A Storm, 1983] actually sold better than the first album in some countries, such as Japan, because our song “Different Worlds” was a big hit. But there was some changing of the guard at the record company, and Phil Carson had new responsibilities, and maybe not everyone at the label believed in us like he did.

On our third album [Alibi, 1985] we were assigned to a German A&R guy who tried to push us to sound more like Duran Duran, and he washed his hands of us when we wouldn’t play the game. But there were other factors too: I realised that Bert [Heerink], our singer, didn’t really have the personality to grab an audience in those huge arenas. It became obvious that we’d peaked, so when David Coverdale invited me to join Whitesnake for the third time, it seemed like the right time.”

Vandenberg‘s “Light It Up” lyric video: