Velvet Revolver Demo Track Posted Online

Velvet Revolver Demo Track Posted Online

March 30, 2010

A Velvet Revolver demo track featuring Helix producer Gord Prior on vocals has surfaced online.

Details about the recording say that Gord Prior was sent the music from Velvet Revolver and was asked to write and record the vocals to two songs. They were temporarily released on Youtube last year. This is an alternate version to the first version of “Mutha Fucka” that Gord did. This has never been heard or released before. This is an audition only and no official announcement has been made as to who the new singer is yet.

Don’t forget to download the new Gord Prior album ‘These Are Killers’ for free by going to

Gord Prior is a seasoned singer, songwriter and producer who has released previous albums in a variety of rock bands. Most notably he fronted Blu Bones, a very well respected band in underground music circles. Gord has toured the world and produced records for gold and platinum artists. Last year Gord collaborated with Slash and Velvet Revolver on two songs when they asked him to audition for the band. Gord is from London, Ontario, Canada.

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