Venïce Cathouse release video for debut single “Shreds Of Glass”

Venïce Cathouse release video for debut single “Shreds Of Glass”

Portugal based rockers and newcomers, Venïce Cathouse, have released a video for their debut single “Shreds Of Glass.”

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, guitarist Mario explained the group’s beginnings by stating: “The band started officialy doing rehearsals on a studio in January, this year. I met [singer] Jim [Gäddnäs] when he came to live here in Lisbon and auditioned as a singer for some friends band in 2014, then Kitty [Dahl] moved to Lisbon in 2015’s summer to live in the same place as Jim. After some hangouts and talking about bands from the Scandinavia, which I’m crazy about — Hardcore Superstar, Crashdïet and bands like that — we started to jam and spend time at their place. The idea came to my head when Jim was showing me some songs from their old band, then I showed ’em a demo that I had from my other band. After some jams, we decided that we should go on the studio to practice in a real room. [Bassist] Jonathan [Boggard] joined soon after the third or fourth rehearsal. Jim wanted to focus on the singing instead of singing and playing bass. I’ve met Jonathan because he started to explore Lisbon’s rock n’ roll scene after moving in from Brazil.”

In terms of influences, Mario stated: “Our influences are Hardcore Superstar, Guns N’ Roses, Crashdïet, Van Halen, almost every band from the ’80s glam era. We didn’t want to be just one more glam/sleaze band, so we mix some other elements. We’ve got a song that the main chorus sounds like Stoner. We can’t just define ourselves in a sub-genre. We play straight up rock n’ roll.”

With respect to when Venïce Cathouse will be releasing an EP or album, Mario advised: “If the Metal Gods are in favour, we’ll do an EP before next summer. Maybe the full debut album if this goes really well. Sometime in 2017, we will record those songs. We’ve worked with a Swedish producer on two songs. We’re writing the video to the next song. That’ll be our next release.”

Venïce Cathouse‘s debut single can be purchased for download on the group’s Bandcamp page and you can check out the band via its Facebook page.

Venïce Cathouse‘s “Shreds Of Glass” video:

Venïce Cathouse – SHREDS OF GLASS Official Video

Check out the debut video “Shreds of Glass” by Venïce Cathouse!Director & Camera Operator: Claudia AlvesSecond Camera: Rose RichardsSound recorded and edited…