Vessel unveil video for new single “Midnight Strike”

Vessel unveil video for new single “Midnight Strike”

Vessel consisting of frontman Bruno Passy, guitarist Ariel Maman, bassist Mark Preis and drummer Shay Shipelski have unveiled a video for their epic ballad “Midnight Strike.”

The group’s press release indicates (with slight edits):

“If Ronnie James Dio would play with Metallica in a bikers bar, this band would be called Vessel. Coming from different grounds of the planet, Bruno Passy (vocals, Brazil), Ariel Maman (guitars, Spain), Mark Preis (bass, Brazil) and Shay Shipelski (drums, Israel) connected and decided on giving life back to the treasures from the past by modernizing their influences to today’s times.

Guided by their idols such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath, the young hard working band Vessel emerged back in 2018, and by 2021 they managed to get signed by the international label Golden Robot Records (Australia) and released through them their debut EP baptized as ‘Behind The Walls,’ which was mastered by Tom Porcell from Kohlekeller Studios (Scorpions, 2022). Following the release, they achieved first place on the Israeli radio rock charts with their song “Shape of The Devil”.

One could describe Vessel’s genre as Hard Rock or Heavy Metal. The truth is, it is simply a combination of attitude and passion for Rock N Roll. After playing dozens of domestic shows, the band still has plenty of gas in the tank for 2022 and beyond.

With two new singles under their sleeve entitled “Misguided” and “Midnight Strike” (recently released), they are now ready for another round of shows bringing with them a more solid and mature sound to the stage.”

Upcoming Shows:
May 27, 2022 — Tmuna Theater — Tel Aviv, Israel
June 24, 2022 — Sokolovsky Bar — Holon, Israel
July 30, 2022 — Ozen Bar — Tel Aviv, Israel
August 12, 2022 — Sokolovsky Bar — Holon, Israel
September 03, 2022 — Beit Hayotzer — Tel Aviv, Israel

Vessel‘s “Midnight Strike” video:

Vessel‘s “Keep Running” video: