Video footage of Poison playing prior to C.C. DeVille joining

Video footage of Poison playing playing prior to C.C. DeVille joining

Some people may not know that multi-platinum album selling glam metal rockers, Poison, had another guitarist by the name of Matt Smith prior to C.C. DeVille being in the group and the debut album Look What The Cat Dragged In getting released in 1986.

Poison photo 2Prior to Poison being formed, singer Bret Michaels and drummer Rikki Rockett were playing together in a cover band throughout Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland when they met bassist Bobby Dall in early 1983. They eventually recruited guitarist Smith to join the band and the foursome started off under the band name Paris. The group eventually changed their name to Poison and recorded a first demo comprised of the songs “Rock Like A Rocker,” “Razor’s Edge” and “Steal Away.” The foursome eventually relocated to Los Angeles and recorded another demo consisting of “No. 1 Bad Boy,” “Want Some, Need Some” and “Blame It On You.” Shortly after, Smith relocated back to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania prompted by the expected birth of a child via his girlfriend at the time. Poison held auditions for their vacant guitarist slot which included Guns N’ RosesSlash auditioning.¬†DeVille became the band’s new guitarist at the end of those auditions, and the rest is history!


POISON on Public Access TV, pre-fame “Rock Like A Rocker”

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