Video for Chris Holmes’ track “I Am What I Am” released while guitarist undergoes cancer treatments

Video for Chris Holmes’ track “I Am What I Am” released while guitarist undergoes cancer treatments

Former W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes has unveiled a video for his track “I Am What I Am” from his latest solo album Unbearable Influences.

Chris Holmes‘ “I Am What I Am” video:

Meanwhile, Holmes has started his sixth week of chemotherapy treatments. A GoFundMe campaign was started to assist Holmes while he is unable to tour. As of press time for this article, €18,290 had been raised with a goal of €20,000.

Holmes‘ wife Cathy-Sarah Holmes has been providing weekly updates on how her husband is doing since he started undergoing the chemotherapy treatments.

Week One:

“Thank you for all your messages for Chris, he really appreciates them. I apologise for not updating and answering all your worries and concerns but all my energy is for him for the next 6 weeks. Then I’ve decided to do an update every Friday and send it to Stephen Jackson, Kev Oakes who will share it on all the pages.

Then Chris started the first chemo (he will have 3 rounds) last Monday. They don’t let me sleep at the hospital then at 8pm, I had to leave, it was difficult. Chris said to the doctor “Do you know in 10 years it is the first time my wife and I are separated“ but when I arrived the next morning with a big smile he said “I missed you“.

He started also his radiation every day from Monday to Friday.

He has nausea and can’t eat very well because of this, but the first week of radiation was ok. He don’t suffer for now any bad effects. He is getting tired quickly but it is normal apparently.

I was watching him eat yesterday and I told him “I will never imagine I will be so happy to see you eat”. He laughed.

He is in good spirit and positive.

He asked the nurse, who is doing his radiation, to take pictures, this is one of them Chris want we share with all of you.

We love you all

Cathy Sarah Holmes

Week Two:

“Second week of radiations

Chris have nausea and lost the taste, then it is complicated for him to eat but we found the best way for him to not lost too much weight, mixing complement food and little portion of food he want to eat . We try everything that can work .

For those who have the same treatment, in case it can help he take 3 times by day desmodium for protect his liver, drink almost 2 liters of water for clean his kidneys and take for now besides his treatment, acupuncture, homeopathy for nausea, radiations and prevent cancer sores (at the same times he is rinsing his mouth 3 x day with bicarbonate of sodium).

He is more and more tired but he find his routine, the best for him and he is really positive (this morning he played guitar which has not happened for a few weeks). He dream the moment he will be able to eat his jalapeño burger even if it is in a few months lol and will take again the road to play and see all of you .

Every day I read messages you sent to him and his smile while listening is priceless.

So much love you give to him is a treasure and he is blessed to have all of you.

Thank you so much for all the support and love you give to him Have a wonderful weekend.

With all our love”

Week Three:

“Third week of treatment.

The good news is Chris gained 2,5 kilos back on the 18 he lost. He eat 4 complément per day no matter and even that is complicated for him because his throat start to burn when he swallows, but those who know Chris know, when he decide something, he keep his goal.

On Thursday, they installed a Picc Line in his left arm which goes to the heart, which would facilitate chemo and protect his vein but I will not dwell on it because rightly or wrongly, even if the reasons may be logical and I understand them, I believe that comfort is not just for the patient. I am not a doctor so l am silent.

Besides that, there is many people at the hospital and around us who do their best helping us with this long and difficult path and we want to tell them thank you!!

Monday, he will start the 4th week with his second chemo session and as every week, 5 days of radiations, one time per weekday until the end of the treatment! A nurse will come at home to clean and change the bandage of his Picc line.

Thank you to all of you for your messages and support to Chris. Read all the messages to him and his smile is the best answer I want to give to you!!

Take care of you and stay safe.


Chris and Cathy Sarah’”

Week Four:

“4 weeks done, only 3 weeks of treatment left.

This week was a little difficult. Chris started the week Monday where she should have had a round of chemo and a night at the hospital which was planned but it was decided to postpone it to next Tuesday (in 2 days) because his mouth had too many sores and was at level 3 (the sores not the tumour). They gave him further morphine. The next day, he had a laser in his mouth to help him.

They even wanted put a tube in his nose for help him with the food, as Chris suffered too much and so he can’t lose any more weight.

That is the fact as it happened.

Now as every Thursday we saw the radiotherapist, the only doctor we have really contact with and answer to our questions and try to understand who Chris is, as a patient.

Chris was not level 3 with his sores but level 2 and until he maintain his weight (which he will do with his 4 complement by day) he don’t need a tube. I still not understand why the chemo was postponed.

Now it’s my view as wife and the one besides him who deal with all that every day.

It’s true Chris suffer when he swallow and start to be red in his neck (which is normal in the fourth week). He is also tired fast but he drive and walk slowly but walk and talk normally and even have a big discussions with friends, he eat his 4 complement by day because he lost his taste with the radiations and dream and can’t wait for the day he will be able to eat his hamburger. My husband is a rock and a warrior and will kick out this cancer.

We know the next 3 weeks will not be easy but he is ready to deal with it.

He still drinking 1,5/2 litres of water per day to protect his kindney and take desmodium for his liver.

After the 21 April, we will start a fitness session waiting for the result of the pet scan in July.

We love you all

Chris and Cathy Sarah

Week Five:

“Sunday 10 April 2022

Five weeks done and not the easiest of weeks.

Chris had his chemo last Tuesday finally.

I don’t know what happened between the day team and night team but something fucked up. He had to drink 3 litres of water because it was never enough when the day team told the level was for start the chemo and he had it when I left at 7:30pm.

Result they started the chemo at 9pm and when I left my husband the Tuesday, he was at 94 kilos and the Wednesday 101kilos.

The last fews days he was really sick and unable to eat or drink. I had to push him a little what I hate because if he lost weight his healing will be more difficult.

Today he is a little better he drink already almost 2L and eat 2 complement.

He lost 2 kilos but I know he will gain it again as he did the last time after eating his 4 complements.

Just 8 radiation sessions left and the 21 it will be done and he will be able to relax and heal.

He is strong and no matter what, he will kick this shit out.

Antoine our friend and our producer of Mean Man came yesterday until today and even though he was sick Chris was happy (me too mon Toine).

These little moments are precious.

Take care of you and your loves ones.

We love you all.

Chris and Cathy-Sarah