Vince Neil Cancels European Tour


December 2, 2008

Swedish rockers Fatal Smile, who were scheduled to open for Motley Crue’s Vince Neil, have confirmed that the European tour has been cancelled through their website (

We’re really sorry to inform you that the rumours are true: Vince Neil of Motley Crue cancelled the whole European tour just one day before the tour should kick off… And since we’re in this rock’n roll business we’re not really surprised…Shit happens!!!

But this can’t stop FATAL SMILE from kicking ass in Europe, so please check the “Tour” dates at for latest update regarding this. More dates to come…

Many thank’s for all your mails and support and we really hope to see ya all out there!!!

Love & Rock’n Roll!!!
// Y, Blade, Alx & Zteff

As we have learned this morning, the European tour of VINCE NEIL got canceled!

The offical statement for the tour cancellation refers to as the rejection of the Spanish promoter for the three scheduled shows in Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid. For organizational reasons this has affected the whole European tour. The management of VINCE NEIL thereupon decided to cancel the tour.

This decision at short notice has hit us like a hammer stroke!All involved parties have tried their best to still let the tour happen, even the tour promoter didn’t give up until the very last minute! Thanks for that!

Since FATAL SMILE were already on their way to Spain for starting the tour at this time, there was nothing they could do, but to take notice of this sad news.

We are very sorry for all the FATAL SMILE-fans out there. At the moment, we are trying to reschedule or extend the confirmed solo-shows of FATAL SMILE in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Holland.Thanks to the great feedback of the local promoters we will be able to add some shows and to prepone others!!! Please take the updates from our websites and

To all winners of the meet & greets: Wir are very sorry for the inconviniences and we are working on making the meet & greets to happen on the next European tour of FATAL SMILE, which will take place early 2009.FATAL SMILE won’t disappoint any of their fans!

Fatal Smile
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