Vince Neil Escaped DUI Conviction in 2007

Vince Neil Escaped DUI Conviction in 2007

June 28, 2010

Vince Neil Escaped DUI Conviction in 2007TMZ reports: Last night wasn’t the first time Motley Crue singer Vince Neil was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Las Vegas — dude was popped in Sin City back in 2007 … but you’ll never find it on his record.

Las Vegas law enforcement sources confirm Neil was arrested in January 2007 — after cops noticed Neil performing some erratic maneuvers in his Ferrari.

After Vince smiled for his mug shot (above), Neil managed to work out a deal with prosecutors — in which he pled no contest to reckless driving in exchange for having the DUI charge dropped.

Now, in the wake of last night’s DUI — the 2007 deal could save Neil from some serious time behind bars … because according to Nevada state law, people who are convicted of DUI twice in seven years must serve anywhere from 10 days to six months in jail.

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