Vince Neil Gets Booted From Skating With The Stars

Vince Neil Gets Booted From Skating With The Stars

December 7, 2010

Robin Leach of reports: Motley Crue singer Vince Neil was eliminated from last night’s Skating with the Stars, but he was left standing with his dignity and injury free. The same couldn’t be said for the other contestants who wound up in a hospital and injured.

Vince may have said goodbye after racking up the lowest scores of the night alongside next-to-go reality TV star Bethenny Frankel — each received 36 out of a possible 60 — but he was gracious in defeat, and the judges piled praise on him.

“It was a lot of fun. It was really a great experience to re-learn something that I knew so long go. There are a lot of great skaters here, and the judges were nice to me! I want to thank everyone for the support in my skating show. Now it’s back to rocking with Crue Fest 3 starting in March!” he said backstage.

Vince and his pro partner Jennifer Wester were the second couple to be eliminated on the show after actress Sean Young was sent home last week.

But the medical report on the other contestants was the real shocker. Disney Channel star Brandon Mychal Smith and his partner Keanu McLaughlin couldn’t even compete. He was taken ill after rehearsals and wound up in a hospital. The three skating judges voted on his rehearsal tape.

Olympic skiing champion Jonny Moseley sent his pro partner Brooke Castile to a hospital. They fell during rehearsals, and he skated over her hand, slashing it to the bone with blood all over the ice. She received multiple stitches but returned to perform with her hand wrapped in bandages. Miraculously, they grabbed the highest scores of the show with 51 out of the possible 60.

Daytime soap star Rebecca Budig, who is heavily tipped to be in the finals, also was rushed to a hospital after injuring her hand and wrist in a nasty spill. She and pro partner Fred Palascak scored 50.

Despite his ouster, all three judges praised Vince. They had talked with me rinkside last Monday, and I passed on their advice to the Motley Crue frontman. Said Johnny Weir: “I’m happy he took our advice and proud of his improved results.” Laurieann Gibson added: “His showmanship is simply great — the music really moves him, and his choreography was much improved.”

Dick Button summed up: “You can see the talent now skating through. I hope he doesn’t forget it. It’s a great compliment that he listened to our feedback, and he certainly became more comfortable as each week ticked by.”

Four couples remain until the finals, and Vince will return to take part in that show. Vince, who returns to Las Vegas this morning, told me that he will continue with ice skating, but his focus is already on getting prepared for Crue Fest 3.

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