Vince Neil Released From Jail After 10 Days

Vince Neil Released From Jail After 10 Days

February 25, 2011

Rocker Vince Neil has been released from jail after serving just 10 days of his 15-day sentence for a DUI charge.

The Motley Crue star began his punishment on February 15, just days after celebrating his 50th birthday, after pleading guilty to the count, which stemmed from a 2010 arrest, last month. Neil was busted last June in Las Vegas with a blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit. He pled guilty back on January 16.

But he walked free from Clark County Detention Center in Nevada on Friday, reports

Neil will spend the next 15 days under house arrest as part of his sentence.

The singer recently hit out at the punishment, insisting the judge overseeing his case was “a little harsh” and wanted to “make an example” out of him.

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