Vince Neil Says Axl Rose’s Fans Have Given Up On Him


August 20, 2009

Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa of the Boston Herald report that Aerosmith isn’t breaking up, but the rock ‘n’ roll legends are going on strike until lead singer Steven Tyler straightens up – and sobers up, according to band sources.

“Truthfully, he’s a liability for the band,” one source told the Track . “He’s uninsurable because of all the accidents and cancelled dates.”

Steven, 61, who had been the poster boy for the 12 steps, has fallen off the wagon hard and was partying like a teenager at the 69th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota where he fell off the stage during a show, we’re told.

As you know by now, the Bad Boys of Boston had to scrap their summer tour last week after Tyler’s fall, which left the frontman with a broken left shoulder and 20 stitches in his head.

Since the Sturgis drama the frontman hasn’t picked up the phone to call his longtime bandmates Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford, sources said.

Instead, we hear, Tyler’s new management company, Union Entertainment Group, dispatches health updates and other Steven news via e-mail to the band’s longtime managers Howard Kaufman and Trudy Green .

(Steven’s manager John Greenberg at UEG didn’t return e-mails yesterday seeking comment.)

“Everyone is very worried about him,” said another source who wished to remain anonymous. “All of this didn’t happen overnight. Sturgis was just the final straw.”

So now, Tyler’s bandmates have decided to go on strike from working on their final album for Sony until Steven is “sober and gets healthy,” sources told the Track.

The tough love comes a week after a YouTube video was posted of a frail Tyler making a purchase at Pembroke Center Liquors .

But the real scary part of the packie run was the photo that showed the cadaverous singer posing with a fan while wearing a sling and what looked like a pair of Johnny Depp’s Willie Wonka shades.

The frightening photo of the father of four was quite the talker on the Internet where, you know, people are so polite and respectful . . .

“Steven is delusional if he thinks the band is going back into the studio this fall,” said one of our Aerospies. “It’s not happening.”

In other words, Dream On, Steven.

Other F.O.T.s think that Tyler, who took up with now-former Live Nation tour accountant Erin Brady after his 17-year marriage busted up, has surrounded himself with sycophants and other hangers-on who “think they’re going to cash in on this guy.”

“The band fears he’s going to end up broke,” said the source, adding that Tyler was talked into selling his publishing company for $20 million a few months ago.

Tyler’s frail bod has taken many a blow over the past year. The summer tour, which kicked off June 10 and was supposed to wrap up Sept. 16, seemed to be medically cursed.

Steven had a sore leg muscle forcing the cancellation of seven shows in July. (Over the past year, he’s been treated for pneumonia and went into rehab in May 2008 when he got hooked on painkillers after foot surgeries.)

But Tyler hasn’t been the only member of Aerosmith beset by poor health this year. Bassist Tom Hamilton, who has been battling cancer, had to leave the summer tour for “noninvasive surgery.”

And guitar man Brad Whitford missed seven shows after surgery for an injury he suffered after hitting his head exiting his Ferrari.

So, as ever, do stay tuned.

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