Vince Neil Talks Motley Crue Retirement And Hints At Solo Album

Vince Neil Talks Motley Crue Retirement And Hints At Solo Album

August 21, 2013

Rumors of Motley Crue retiring have been circulating for months now, but singer Vince Neil says “It’s definitely for real”.

“We want to go out on top,” Neil told The Oakland Press. “We don’t want to be one of those bands that people are like, ‘Oh, they’re playing a little club now’. We still sell out arenas and do stadium shows and stuff like that, and that’s how we want to be remembered.”

“It’s just time. Mick’s (Mars) health is not that good, and touring is tough on him. I’m sure in five, 10 years’ time we’ll probably do something together again, but it’s not gonna be like a KISS farewell to the farewell to the farewell tour. We’re not gonna be like that.”

Neil expects Motley Crue to make some more new music before it’s down, probably for the soundtrack of the still-developing film adaptation of the band’s collective memoir ‘The Dirt’. Meanwhile, Neil remains “constantly busy” and expects to have his next solo album, his first since 2010’s ‘Tattoos & Tequila’, in motion by the time the Crue packs it in.

“I’m planning to release something maybe before the end of the Motley run,” he says. “That way it would come out right toward the end of that, and I can just go straight from Motley and continue touring on that (solo album). That’s the idea now, at least. It’s a ways away, still.”

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