Vince Neil Worried About ‘Unknowns’ As He Heads To Jail

Vince Neil Worried About ‘Unknowns’ As He Heads To Jail

February 15, 2011

On the eve of his 15-day jail sentence, Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil spent his last night of freedom on a Valentine’s Day date and admitting he’s worried about “the unknowns.”

Reached by telephone late Monday at Simon at Palms Place, where he was having a romantic dinner with girlfriend Alicia Jacobs, Neil told‘s Norm Clarke he planned to be a model prisoner in hopes of having his sentence shortened.

His sentence for a June DUI arrest includes 15 days of house arrest after the jail term. Neil, who turned 50 on Feb. 8, said the waiting has “been tough. I’m definitely not looking forward to it.” To prepare for it, Neil said he taped an “Dateline” episode that featured life inside his future residence, Clark County Detention Center.

“It wasn’t fun to watch,” he said, knowing he was “going to be in there.” Of course it’s been on his mind, he said. “More of the unknowns than the knowns. Not knowing what’s going to happen.” He wasn’t sure when he was going to enter CCDC; he could show up anytime from dawn to mid-morning.

Asked about his chances of getting an early release, Neil said, “I’m hoping for it. There’s always that chance.” It’s not uncommon for celebrities to receive early release. When Paris Hilton was arrested and jailed in Las Vegas on cocaine charges in August, she was released in three hours, about half the time it normally takes for the normal booking procedures.

Concern for the safety of the celebrity is often cited as a reason for shortened stays, along with disruptions it can cause.

In June 2007, Hilton was released after a four-night jail stay in Los Angeles. She was facing a 23-day jail term for violating probation on an alcohol-related driving charge. “We’re talking about different states,” said Neil. “L.A. is probably a lot more overcrowded than Las Vegas.”

Neil’s going in with the attitude “there are things I can do that will help me get additional time off. I will jump in and volunteer. You can ask the question ‘what can I do to help to get some credit?”

He’ll be able to have visitors in jail, but not face-to-face meetings. “It’s kind of weird. You visit over closed circuit TV. It’s not like visiting, more like skyping,” he said.

Neil has been out in public, facing the music. Last month he attended the Nevada Ballet Theatre’s “Woman of the Year” Black and White Ball, which featured his friend, Priscilla Presley. Over the weekend, he and Jacobs, the entertainment reporter at KSNV-TV, Channel 3, attended another charity event and the previous weekend, an early birthday party for Neil at Blush at Wynn Las Vegas.

“Just because something happened to me and I have to go pay for it, doesn’t mean time stands still. I’m not going to hide from what I did. I’m just glad people want me to be part of the charities.”

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