Vince Neil’s Ex-Girlfriend ‘Shocked’ By His Las Vegas Outburst

Vince Neil’s Ex-Girlfriend ‘Shocked’ By His Las Vegas Outburst

March 27, 2011

Vince Neil’s former girlfriend has spoken out about the rocker’s foul-mouthed outburst in Las Vegas on Thursday, calling the alleged incident “shocking” and insisting she can’t understand “what prompted his anger.”

The Motley Crue star is alleged to have stormed into a show by comedian Hal Sparks at the Las Vegas Hilton and yelled obscenities at his TV reporter ex-girlfriend Alicia Jacobs and one of her pals.

Security guards at the hotel called cops to the scene and Jacobs subsequently filed a battery report, alleging the star jabbed her with his finger during the confrontation.

Neil wasn’t arrested and police officials have told the Las Vegas Sun that they are investigating an alleged “disturbance.”

Jacobs issued a statement Friday, telling E! Online, “It was a very shocking incident. I wish I knew what prompted his anger, but I have no idea. Vince’s decisions continue to concern me. I really hope he can move forward and find peace in his life.”

Sparks mentioned the alleged incident in a post on his page, writing, “Sooooo… Vince Neil storms into my show.. Yells FU (f— you) at 2 women.. Gets pushy… Cops get called… Good times.”

And in a subsequent interview with Las Vegas radio station Mix 94.1, Sparks gave his version of Thursday’s events, telling the host, “What goes through your head that goes, ‘I’ll show them, I’ll walk into the middle of the show where they’re in the audience, yell… poke them both and walk out. What kind of drunk logic is that?”

The news comes just a month after Neil was released from the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada, where he served 10 days behind bars for a DUI charge.

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