Vinnie Vincent had planned on doing “shred” show in February 2019 due to dissatisfaction with singer

Vinnie Vincent had planned on doing “shred” show in February 2019 due to dissatisfaction with singer

Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent was interviewed yesterday (on April 19, 2019) by Mitch Lafon for the Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon podcast and was asked what happened with his two canceled comeback shows that were supposed to take place in Nashville, Tennessee, USA on February 8 and 9, 2019 with the line-up of drummer Carmine Appice, bassist Tony Franklin and led vocalist Jim Crean.

Vincent stated (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “There’s only one fact, one uncontroverted fact that actually did happen and that is that I, Vinnie Vincent, did not cancel that show. Errr. As a matter of fact, my attorney Chris Royer had been negotiating for months with the promoter. So this was done all through, all between the promoter and my attorney. We gave signed a settlement agreement and which there is a non-disparaging clause in there between the two parties. We have settled our differences but the fact of the matter is very simple and what I can say… There’s much that I cannot say. I can say, which is a fact, I did not cancel that show. In fact, a week before the show was cancelled, not by me, but a week before the show was actually cancelled, it was determined and decided and agreed upon that the show would proceed as a Vinnie “Shred Festival” show because of my dissatisfaction with someone who picked a singer that I didn’t approve of. So the show was going on as a “Shred” show and there was some contractual thing that had happened that had nothing to do with me but it was not me that cancelled that show.

So unfortunately, there was a statement that was disingenuously untrue that was put out on the website of the promoter who did not tell the truth on what really had happened. But as far as I know, my attorney said that he’s willing to put out a video clarifying, clarifying — and I think that’s a good way that Vinnie was in fact not responsible for cancelling the show, which I would never would. I would never cancel a contract or a show, and I was actually looking forward to doing it. And that’s as simple as it really happened. Unfortunately, it got turned into a different narrative and people make up, you know they take a side on something that they don’t really know the truth, the actual truth of what actually happened. So that takes — it causes a lot of damage, you know? We’re in a — was it that? You know, Vinnie derangement syndrome period with a lot of fans and it’s just fake news, and all of a sudden, it’s real. So, no fans, I did not cancel that show. It is a bonafide fact and one day, my attorney will probably come on and you can hear from him. His name is Chris Royer and he’ll be overseeing the shows as they now are. That’s it. Simple and to the point. So all the fans, you now know.”

You can listen to the interview with Vinnie Vincent by Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon on April 19, 2019 below:

Vinnie Vincent interview from April 19th 2019

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