Vinnie Vincent has a new singer — No Love Lost’s Scott Board

Photo by Christopher Lee Helton

Vinnie Vincent has a new singer — No Love Lost’s Scott Board

Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent unveiled his new lead vocalist Scott Board at his Vinnie Vincent Record Listening Party, which was held at Starstruck Entertainment Studio in Nashville on May 19 and 20, 2023.

Board is the singer for the bands No Love Lost and Bad Romeo. No Love Lost will be releasing a new album titled Last Call via Kivel Records later this year.

The following is a message from Vincent that was reportedly posted on the VINNIE VINCENT’S EUPHORIA Facebook group.

“Day 2 was the VINNIE VINCENT INVASION JUDGMENT DAY PREMIER playback in the studio…and more live music. Man that was a happy proud moment for me. Three years in the making..with blistering performances by my friend Rob Fleishman and YOURS TRULY. It felt like WVI#1 all over again. Its not a record for the 50 year old crowd tho… unless you’re 25 at heart. Lol.

There’s one more studio tweak session I need to complete in raising the vocal levels a bit on all the songs and then off to the record plant to PRESS. Expect 6 months at least for vinyl production.

But my moment of happiness was jammin it out with my new singer SCOTT BOARD in our first studio shredd performance on some of my favorite songs.

We were all working on putting a short set together while everyone was in the entry food area and we had PA problems which delayed our performance for an hour.

But once we figured everything of the first people in the studio was Steve Wilkie. Steve said when he walked in he felt like it was 1986 and when he closed his eyes he thought he was listening to Vinnie Vincent and Robert Fleischman… but I’ll let Steve tell vou in his words. it was loose heavy and very cool.

For me.. the best time plaving with a singer I’ve had since Rob and i cut the VVI #1 BOYZ ARE GONNA ROCK record. And JUDGMENT DAY. HEY SCOTT…YOU DA MAN!!! MY FRIEND.. here’s to us!!! I raise my glass to YOU. And its only the beginning my friend.


Scott Board singing Whitesnake‘s “Still of The Night” with Black Glass: