Vinnie Vincent Invasion reunion won’t be happening at Nashville KISS Expo

Vinnie Vincent Invasion reunion won’t be happening at Nashville KISS Expo

Easy come, easy go? Towards the end of his widely publicized first public appearance in 20 years at the Atlanta KISS Expo on January 19-20, 2018, former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent announced the return of the Vinnie Vincent Invasion and accepted to play at the upcoming Nashville KISS Expo in six months’ time. Those plans did not seem concrete given that former Vinnie Vincent Invasion singer Robert Fleischman did not seem completely committed to the idea by any means. The Vinnie Vincent Invasion reunion featuring Vincent and Fleischman will apparently not be taking place after all at the Nashville KISS Expo.

The following message was posted on L.A. KISS Expo‘s Facebook page yesterday:


Hi all. Just a quick note to say I’m sad to announce the Nashville KISS Expo is not going to happen. Vinnie has decided he wants to do other things, and that’s about all of the info I have. It’s sad, because I had put together a killer line-up for Nashville, and we came away with a lot of good energy and love out of Atlanta. We were all excited to announce new events after Atlanta, but then I started to get mixed messages as the time went on (“Go Go Go with Nashville!” to “Hold on with Nashville.”). I had a feeling a lot of people would come out of the woodwork making lots of promises and offers after they saw the success in Atlanta, and there was a chance I’d be marginalized. Unfortunately, I was.

I’m still very proud of the year I spent doing what no one else could – finding Vinnie and bringing him back to the fans. We had great plans for Nashville and other cities, and I hope whoever Vinnie works with treats him with the same love and respect I did.

Atlanta was a success because of you, and for that I’m forever thankful and grateful for your support and all of the new friendships I made.

Derek Christopher