Vinnie Vincent looking for new singer to replace Robert Fleischman for two February 2019 gigs

Vinnie Vincent looking for new singer to replace Robert Fleischman for two February 2019 gigs

King Kobra drummer Carmine Appice was recently interviewed by Eddie Trunk and spoke about his former bandmate Vinnie Vincent from the early ’80s as well as their two upcoming shows in Nashville, Tennessee, USA on February 8 and 9, 2018.

Appice as well as bassist Tony Franklin are the two announced special guests that will be playing alongside Vincent at the two February 2019 shows. Former Vinnie Vincent Invasion lead vocalist Robert Fleischman was supposed to play as well but ended up pulling out recently due to reportedly feeling slighted by the promoter for the two shows.

Trunk asked Appice when Vincent got in contact with him to do the upcoming shows in February. Appice replied (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “After he did his comeback thing [in Atlanta in January 2018] that I think you were at. Then uh, I think I uh, got call from that [promoter] Derek or an e-mail from that Derek guy you know? And I said, ’cause the bass player of Carmine and Rockers wanted to like force Vinnie to come out in the open by releasing — we had some live tapes on cassette that sounded really good and we had all this studio tapes. He was like, ‘Why don’t we just release it? If Vinnie will come out and sue us or something…. Maybe he’ll want to put it together?’ I said, I said ‘I don’t know about that.’ But I thought after I saw him come back, I think… I forgot how — either I called somebody that knew Derek, you know, and then told him that I wanted to talk to him. And Derek called me. And I said you know, ‘Where’s Vinnie been?’ You know? And uh, Vinnie was very close with Felix Cavaliere from The Rascals you know. And you know, Vinnie, Vinnie‘s had some bad luck in his life ’cause of his wife and kids you know? And uh, you know, so then out of the blue, I got a call from Vinnie after Derek called me a couple of times and said, ‘Vinnie will call you.’ Then he called and we talked for like two hours you know? It’s really crazy ’cause he thanked him for lending him a set of drums.”

Earlier while speaking to Trunk, Appice advised: “I got a call from Vinnie the other day. We talked for one hour and a half, and you know, he’s ready to find a new singer and go do it you know? He’s looking forward ti playing with me and Tony.”

Excerpt from interview with Carmine Appice by Eddie Trunk:

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