Vinnie Vincent performs live with Robert Fleischman & announces return of Vinnie Vincent Invasion

Vinnie Vincent performs live with Robert Fleischman & announces return of Vinnie Vincent Invasion

What’s better than having former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent back in the public limelight answering questions candidly about his past? How about Vinnie Vincent playing live once again for the first time in 20 years? Vincent brought an acoustic guitar with him on day two of the Atlanta KISS Expo on January 20, 2018 and played three songs including KISS‘ “A Million To One” and Vinnie Vincent Invasion‘s “That Time Of Year.” The once reclusive guitarist then played Vinnie Vincent Invasion‘s “Back On The Streets” before being joined halfway through the song by lead vocalist Robert Fleischman.

After the song was finished, Vincent stated: “How about a Vinnie Vincent Invasion reunion?”

The crowd erupted before the interviewer suggested that another KISS Expo take place in about six months time with a Vinnie Vincent Invasion reunion featuring Vincent and Fleischman live on stage.

Vincent replied: I would really… I would love it. Would you guys come [the crowd erupted again with an enthusiastic “Yeah”]? you would be hearing history for the first time with Robert Fleischman — the way it should have been all along. How about we record some new songs for these beautiful people [to which Fleischman nodded yes]? Vinnie Vincent Invasion will be back! I love you buddy [to Fleischman]. Thank you for coming. Ah! That lifted me way up. Wow! This is the “Boyz Are Gonna Rock” voice. This is the “Shoot U Full Of Love” voice. This is the Vinnie Vincent Invasion voice. Woe! Woe! That is the most electrifying voice that I’ve ever heard so I’m honoured Rob. Thank you. Thank you for coming. I love you. I love you so much. Thank you so much for this. Thank you guys. I hope that you had a great time.”

With Vincent and Fleischman on board to do a Vinnie Vincent Invasion reunion, the question is who would join them? Original Vinnie Vincent Invasion drummer Bobby Rock advised in an interview with the Decibel Geek Podcast early this year that he would be up for a reunion. The bigger question would be if bassist Dana Strum would be part of the Vinnie Vincent Invasion reunion. Strum went on to form Slaughter with ex-Vinnie Vincent Invasion singer Mark Slaughter in 1988 and also plays in Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil‘s solo band.

Vincent had some choice words for Mark Slaughter yesterday when he spoke about how he felt about the Vinnie Vincent Invasion records as he stated (as transcribed by Blabbermouth): “I feel very strongly about them. The second record should have never happened. Rob [Fleischman] should have stayed with the project. The basic sound of that record was like [Jimmy] Page and [Robert] Plant — it was Rob and me. That first record was pretty red-hot. It was my vision; Rob singing; everything was just right. Second version of it should have been aborted, should have never happened. I had the power; I should have taken it. I should have called the shots, which should have been, ‘Stop this. Revamp it. Go back, let me get the people I need.’ The people that were involved with it at that time should have not been involved with it, but it was such a publicity machinery piece of… it was like a product. It was all publicity and hype. The songs, I felt were really good, but I didn’t feel the music came out to be… the records weren’t what I would have done. I would have never settled on records like that. When I say records, the first one, yes; the second one, no; and that singer [Mark Slaughter] was unbearable as far as I’m concerned.”

Vinnie Vincent playing live at Atlanta KISS Expo on January 20, 2018 including with Robert Fleischman:

Vinnie Vincent – COMPLETE PERFORMANCE Atlanta KISS Expo

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