Vinnie Vincent states that he has recordings of lots of great songs that did not make it onto KISS’ ‘Revenge’

Vinnie Vincent states that he has recordings of lots of great songs that did not make it onto KISS’ ‘Revenge’

Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent was interviewed yesterday (on April 19, 2019) by Mitch Lafon for the Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon podcast and spoke about his time working with KISS on 1992’s Revenge.

Vincent advised in part (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “We met for the first time after a number of years. Strangely enough, we met in A&M Records‘ lobby. I had a meeting. I ran into Gene [Simmons] there and talking, talking, talking. “How are you doing?” “How are you doing?” “OK. OK. OK.” “So, hey, let’s get together!” “OK.” “Great. Let’s have some lunch.” “Great.” “Hey, you doing anything now?” “No.” “Want to come for lunch?” “OK.” “We’re going to go here.” “OK. Meet us over here.” “OK. Great!” So, by that time, it wasn’t the toxic unfortunate thing that happened so it was still, “Alright.” Let’s go. Yeah. Let’ go see each other, you know? “And yeah, we’re doing a record. Wanna get together and write?” “Sure.” We always wrote good stuff together.

That’s how it began. So for exactly, it was a straight solid 12 months of work and it began, it began at Gene‘s house. Errr. It was an every day thing and again, I have [laughs] all recordings of everything that we had written, tried to write, didn’t finish, intended works, ideas, this and that. And then I worked over at Paul‘s house for a number of months and we came up with a lot of songs. There were so many songs written that should have been on the album. It really should have been a Lick It Up album again because that team was recaptured again, you know? We caught, we captured the vibe. I have those songs and I heard them not long ago going through all the material that I had. And I said, “That song was great. That song was great. This song was great. Why [laughs] didn’t they end up on that record?” I don’t know what politics were going on but whatever.”

You can listen to the interview with Vinnie Vincent by Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon on April 19, 2019 below:

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