Vinnie Vincent states there was no contract for his Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2 appearance

Vinnie Vincent states there was no contract for his Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2 appearance

A day after being accused by Decibel Geek Podcast principal Chris Czynszak of being unethical and unprofessional due to subsequently requesting a monetary guarantee and deposit after initially agreeing to show up at the Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2 without an appearance fee, former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent has provided his side of the story in the following Facebook post earlier today:

“MONDAY JUNE 4, 2018.


I don’t owe anyone an explanation but I am willing to TELL YOU WHAT REALLY HAPPENED:

Chris Cynscak was a bonafide VINNIE VINCENT hater for years. When he showed himself to me in Atlanta as a fan, I turned the other cheek and agreed to bury my ill-feelings towards him. I went as far as extending by good faith in granting him a personal interview for his local podcast show to discuss an in depth subject matter.

Notwithstanding that favor, I granted him yet another favor after his numerous begging sessions with me to appear at his so-called Nashville show that he wanted to put on, despite the fact this fanboy was a novice and had no idea of how to organize a show.

However, what followed and developed were two very substantial reasons causing me to cancel a no-contract show.

First, it became quickly evident, Czynscak was out of his league in putting together a high caliber expo to begin with. Any manager of worth would have seen his mess and pulled their artist out immediately.

Simultaneously, I discovered an ugly truth that he knowingly with full tacit approval, had been using a disgusting, hurtful, repugnant and offensive AVATAR on a message board for years referencing himself as “Vinnie’s Tupperware assistant…” which he claims was “assigned to him by an administrator”


At that point I wanted nothing to do with him.

Last week upon my discovery, he emailed me a litany of excuses for his sickening behavior, which I refused to accept. I made a decision to reverse my appearance as I could not in good conscience grant the use of the my name to anyone who would defame me on that level by making fun of my unbearable grief in the most unspeakable tragedy I have ever known in losing my beloved animals.

This apparently was funny to him and he knowingly used this disgusting and egregious avatar to have a joke with others at the expense of my pain and suffering.

His callous act was despicable and unconscionable. And when he was found out a week ago, he immediately shifted the blame to an administrator claiming it was out of his control, yet, the “Tupperware” avatar was suddenly and conveniently removed when he was called on it.

Isn’t that interesting?!!???

Bottom line, he was caught and was scared shitless that the star of his show would cancel, given this discovery. Which is exactly what I did. I even graciously gave him a three month cancellation notice which I didn’t have to do. In fact, I could have screwed him over and cancelled at the last minute which is what he deserved. Other artists / celebrities pull out of events all the time with little or no notice.

You reep what you sow and he paid the price with my cancellation.

There was no contract and I cancelled which is every artist’s right to do. I considered allowing him to pay my guarantee price to show up, but in watching this ungrateful vindictive “child” denigrate me for his own wrongdoing, not only did his infantile behavior justify and support my cancellation, but it immediately removed my offer from the table to appear via my guarantee price.

It’s that simple.

I keep My FB clean, so haters, take a fucking hike. Don’t bring your bullshit propaganda and tired and stale narrative here where it negatively impacts me and others who choose to live in a peaceful and loving environment.

If you do, you’re banned and your comments deleted and you will be reported to Facebook or to a higher authority.


The Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2 will still be going ahead at the Nashville Palace in Nashville, Tennessee, USA for August 25, 2018 with featured guests including renowned producer Michael Wagener, singer Mitch MalloyBang Tango guitarist Drew Fortier, Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch and many more.