Vinnie Vincent to do Nashville Expo Announcement very soon

Vinnie Vincent to do Nashville Expo Announcement very soon

One day after Nashville KISS Expo organizer Derek Christopher announced that the Nashville KISS Expo wasn’t going to happen given that guitarist Vinnie Vincent had decided that he wanted to do other things, one of Vincent‘s managers, Randy Dietrich, has announced that Vincent will be making the following announcements very soon on the following topics: (1) Nashville Expo; (2) Nashville Expo ticket sales and VIP experience tickets; and, (3) upcoming Vinnie Vincent appearances.

There is no information at this time whether the Nashville Expo referred by Vincent‘s Facebook page is the same as Christopher‘s Nashville KISS Expo.

The following was posted on Vinnie Vincent‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Hello everyone! This is Randy, one of Vinnie‘s managers. Just got off the phone with him & he sends his love to each and every one of you. Vinnie was very happy and in the highest of spirits. Unfortunately, he can’t respond to all of you, but rest assured, he is reading EACH AND EVERY post! He is so touched by your love!! I can’t wait to share the information we talked about with you all!! YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY with what we have in store for you…I can’t give you the details, but here are some things coming your way VERY SOON: 1) NASHVILLE EXPO ANNOUNCEMNET!! 2) NASHVILE EXP TICKET SALES & VIP EXPERIENCE TICKETS!! **SOME OF THE EXPERIENCES WE HAVE PLANNED ARE UNBELIEVABLE!! 3) an exiting all-new official web page INCLUDING an all new store with new merchandise, limited edition merchandise, signed photos, the t-shirts are beautiful that we are having made for you! 4) announcements on upcoming VV appearances!!…that’s enough for now, but believe me, there’s a LOT more coming! Thank you all for keeping the faith and believing in Vinnie. I will be keeping you all updated on a regular basis!! Please share our page and love one another!

Love and Peace from us both,

Randy Dietrich and Vinnie Vincent