Vintage Angel Footage ‘Unearthed’ To Promote New Book


September 24, 2009

Vintage ANGEL Footage ‘Unearthed’ To Promote New Casablanca Records Book.

A brand new insider’s book about the infamous Casablanca Records and ANGEL’s 1975-80 heyday will be released on October 6. Larry Harris who co-founded Angel’s record company, Casablanca Records, wrote the book with the authors of KISS Alive Forever. Over 300 pages in length, AND PARTY EVERY DAY contains several previously unpublished 1970s images, including a never-before-seen picture of ANGEL’s magnificent concert finale.

In addition to ANGEL, AND PARTY EVERY DAY reveals how Casablanca Records became known as “the disco label” and what it took to make and break Casablanca’s other crown jewels; KISS, Donna Summer, Parliament Funkadelic, the Village People, Cher, and even the cult film Foxes. Never-before-told stories about Casablanca’s other beloved acts Stallion, The Group With No Name (featuring Katey Sagal), and even Studio 54 pepper the amazing text that will have wishing you owned a time machine.

AND PARTY EVERY DAY: THE INSIDE STORY OF CASABLANCA RECORDS also contains the first complete Casablanca Records discography and a music video history. A plethora of previously unknown facts/trivia about ANGEL’s career is unveiled in AND PARTY EVERY DAY, including the first detailed recounting of the making of ANGEL’s long-lost feature film Angel At Midnight. Additionally, did you know ANGEL made an early music video at LA’s “Riot” House hotel for their 1979 single “Don’t Take Your Love”? In the grand Casablanca tradition of excess and giving the fans exactly what they want, the authors include the music video on the book’s official Web site! You can read excerpts from the book and see vintage Casablanca/Angel and KISS videos at

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