Vintage footage of Ruby Rockets’ first gig at The Roxy Theatre on Sunset Strip

Vintage footage of Ruby Rockets’ first gig at The Roxy Theatre on Sunset Strip

Three days ago, Sleaze Roxx posted vintage video footage of unsigned glam rockers Ruby Rockets performing at Gazzarri’s at the Sunset Strip in November 1991.

Ruby Rockets‘ drummer Kerri Kristen has posted new video footage of Ruby Rockets performing the song “Do You Wanna Go Out” during their first show at The Roxy Theatre at the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California, USA.

Ruby Rockets playing “Do You Wanna Go Out” live at The Roxy Theatre:

Sleaze Roxx had spoken to Ruby Rockets‘ bassist G.G. Snaps a few days ago who stated the following about the band’s history: “Ruby Rockets formed as a result of two groups simultaneously seeking similar members. Guitarist Kelly Charles and myself were in Ohio recording demos and auditioning members for what we hoped would be the most outrageous glam metal band to ever come out of the Midwest — Sleaze Patrol. Meanwhile Kerri Kristen (drums) and Mykii Lash (vocals) were in North Hollywood trying to round out the Ruby Rockets line-up. I grew impatient with the talent pool in the Midwest and was actually going to California to audition for the Tryx bassist slot and for a band called Mystery Girls. Mind you this is all before smart phones or even the internet for that matter. By the time I got to California, Tryx had decided to call it quits all together but I started talking with Kerri and Mykii and loved where they were coming from.

Mykii had the vision of a band that had irresistibly catchy songs with an over the top yet incredibly polished sort of post-punk look. Musically, our influences were Cheap Trick, Candy, the Ramones, Buzzcocks, Bay City Rollers, The Babys. We wanted to pick up where Tryx left off, they had incredible harmonies. We also admired the purple haired Zeros‘ harmonies and live energy. Mykii’s charisma was unrivaled by anyone in Hollywood at that time and we were 110% dedicated to blowing up the scene with our sound, look and Ruby Rockets photostyle. Ruby Rockets was a metaphor for a one hit wonder/shooting star. Mykii Lash had a long obsession with bubblegum one hit wonders; and using the success achieved by having one huge hit to build an entire career in the industry. This never came to be for Ruby Rockets as a band or for Mykii as an individual.

Ruby Rockets didn’t get signed or even come close and didn’t really release any material. We made a four song demo but very few of those cassettes were actually passed around. I don’t even have one and haven’t had any luck finding it. We did pay way too much to have a professional video of our first show at the Roxy opening for the mighty Wikked Gyspy. I’m really glad we did or there would be even less documentation of Ruby Rockets‘ mysterious existence. We did play in front of a bunch of label executives at the Troubadour once when us and the Brats opened for the Glamour Punks‘ label showcase. What an unimaginably crazy night that was! All these suits fearfully being held captive in the balcony to a sold-out die hard Glamour Punks audience. They had no idea what to make of it! I turned 21 that night and the bartender was pissed because she’d served me previously!”