Virgin Steele Reissuing ‘Noble Savage’ And ‘Age Of Consent’


January 23, 2008

Virgin Steele will release re-issues of Noble Savage and Age Of Consent the first week in February 2008. Along with new booklets and photos, both albums have been re-mastered with bonus tracks.

Age Of Consent will feature previously unreleased tracks “The Curse”, and a cover of the Judas Priest classic “Screaming For Vengeance”. According to VS vocalist / keyboardist David DeFeis, “The Curse” is something from quite awhile back that we never did anything with. It has a very out of control quality, and is meant to sound deranged and manic. The “Screaming” track was recorded as if Led Zeppelin had walked into a rowdy, bluesy bar and just stepped up onstage for an impromptu jam. It is also out of control, wild and frenzied, and is different from the Priest version. We have changed it ’round a bit”.

Bonus tracks on Noble Savage are “Fight Tooth & Nail (Roman Sword Re-mix)” and an alternate version of the title track.

An Internet-only EP featuring more rare tracks is in the works and will be available shortly after the re-issues release. In other recording news, DeFeis, guitarist Edward Pursino, bassist Josh Block and drummer Frank Gilchriest are currently deeply involved in completing what will become the next full length VIRGIN STEELE album of all new music.

Mark Gorman

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