Vivian Campbell states Def Leppard will never again record straight ahead rock album like ‘High ‘n’ Dry’

Vivian Campbell states Def Leppard will never again record straight ahead rock album like ‘High ‘n’ Dry’

Def Leppard, Last In Line and Riverdogs guitarist Vivian Campbell was recently interviewed by White Line Fever podcast and the subject that many long-term Def Leppard fans want them to record a straight-ahead rock album like 1981’s  High ‘n’ Dry was touched upon.

Campbell reportedly stated to White Line Fever podcast: “I think a lot of hard core, long-time Def Leppard fans long for that sort of thing again but I’ve got to tell you, that’s never gonna happen… We’re never going to make an album that’s solely like that. There’s too much diversity within Def Leppard now, there’s too many miles under the wheels, too many different genres have been sampled… The band couldn’t really go back to making an album just like that. We can do tracks like that by all means but there’ll never be an album that’s so rock focused as that.” never gonna happen.”

Campbell reportedly went on to state: “You know, I think by the time Leppard was doing Pyromania, that’s where the true diversity started and then Hysteria was the zenith of that… When we play live, there is much more of a rock element to the band for sure but the real strength in Leppard is not just the diversity of song writing but in the live performances it’s the vocal… We all sing pretty strongly and we’re pretty proud of the fact that we can replicate, for the most part, what it is we do on record which is very production-heavy – many, many tracks of vocals… We can actually do a very, very decent live representation of that because we call can sing… That’s the muscle I exercise in Def Leppard. There’s two guitarists in Leppard so I don’t have to do all the heavy lifting… Anything that Steve Clark played a riff or solo in, I play that part… You won’t see us playing a lot of guitar before a Leppard show but you’ll hear us doing vocal warm-ups.”

You can listen to the interview with Vivian Campbell by White Line Fever podcast via iTunes.

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