Vixen announce new lead vocalist Lorraine Lewis (Femme Fatale)

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography.

Vixen announce new lead vocalist Lorraine Lewis (Femme Fatale)

Just days ago, Janet Gardner made the announcement, on Facebook, that after much soul searching and many sleepless nights, she had decided to part ways with Vixen and then, gave her blessing to Roxy Petrucci and Share Ross to continue on with what their vision of what Vixen should be. In her statement, Janet did not give a reason for leaving but instead, simply made it clear that Vixen will always have a special place in her heart and that she was incredibly grateful to have been a part of it.

From that second on, with the Monsters of Rock Cruise and the M3 Rock Festival coming up, everyone’s question was what would Vixen do and who would be their singer should they choose to carry on. Many had speculated that they would tap Lorraine Lewis (Femme Fatale) for the job since she filled in once for Janet and did a great job. Today, the Vixen camp announced that this is exactly what will happen. Lorraine has joined Vixen, not just to fill in for currently booked shows, but as the band’s permanent singer. This should be no surprise as Lorraine and the ladies of Vixen are all friends and go way back. Lorraine and Roxy were once in a band together and recorded some songs, under the name Rocktopuss. Share even joined Lorraine years ago, for a one night show in Lorraine’s band, L.A. Nookie.

As for Janet and Lorraine, they are two of my favorite singers and I happen to know that they are friends and big fans of one another, as well. That won’t end now because there is definitely more music to come! Vixen plans to write songs for a new release and Janet is almost finished writing and recording her second album with Justin James.

I’ve always been a Vixen fan and while it was somewhat a departure from Vixen, Janet’s first solo album was incredible! She did the things on that album that wouldn’t have fit the Vixen formula. She got to experiment quite a bit and the results were shocking. So much so that I was a little skeptical about Janet and Justin being able to write songs for the second album that

Photo by Brad Buell

would stand up to the first but their writing relationship has definitely solidified. I got the chance to hear a couple of the songs that will be on the new album and I just couldn’t believe how creative these two are together. Like the songs on the first record, these songs each have a life of their own. Each is its own separate little journey but Justin’s guitar and Janet’s voice definitely put their signature stamp on them. I’m told the new album has some songs that are driving heavy and some that are mega melodic but I recently got to hear the one ballad that will be on the record and it is simply beautiful!

One way I feel the music industry has suffered since people started stealing music instead of buying it, is that artists can still write good songs… but they don’t have that multi-million dollar producer, like Mutt Lange (Def Leppard, AC/DC, Foreigner) to take those great songs and give them the shot of adrenaline that will make them perfect. Listening to these songs that Janet and Justin wrote makes it hard for me to believe that they didn’t get that multi-million dollar producer. With their ballad, the background vocals alone will make you swear that multi-million dollar producer is behind the helm. I am excited to hear the full record and, last I heard, they are hoping to get it out to us in late spring so look for it!

With regard to Vixen,  I hear they will be adding a couple of Femme Fatale songs to the setlist and it will be fun to hear the new songs they come up with. I’ve always been a huge fan of Lorraine. She has a strong, sexy stage presence and she has written a lot of really cool and catchy songs that are packed with tons of attitude. She’s written rockers in Femme Fatale and she’s written melodic and enchanting songs on her Snowball record. Also, Vixen aside, Share wrote some really cool songs in her band, Bubble, and Roxy most recently wrote great stuff for VIP Aftershow as well as Madam X so, although they are parting ways, it looks like we are going to have twice the music to enjoy! I’m really excited for both of them. Two of rock’s most recognizable voices, two incredibly beautiful women and, honestly, two of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met. I wish them both great luck and I’ll be right here waiting for some amazing music from them!