Vixen Explain Reasoning Behind Their Cancelled Kickstarter Campain

Vixen Explain Reasoning Behind Their Cancelled Kickstarter Campain

April 17, 2012

In late February Vixen started a fundraising drive in an effort to gather $35,000 towards recording a brand new album. However the female rockers quickly cancelled their fundraising efforts because of a better offer, claiming that people who felt they gave up due to receiving less than 5% of their $35,000 goal (a dismal $1,370) are ‘haters’.

Said the band in a statement, “So if you’ve been following the news, you may have heard that we decided to cancel our Kickstarter project. Some of the “haters” have conjectured that it was merely a result of the level of pledges we had received. While we’re not going to pretend that wasn’t one factor in our decision, the fact is there was plenty of time left on the project to meet our goal. We had hoped that the enticement of some one-of-a kind experiences and merchandise might be something our fans would be excited to have access to, and we know those of you who did pledge (thank you!) are disappointed that those items will not be available to you. Don’t worry, there may be other opportunities in the form of contests and other things we have planned in the future.”

“We had originally explored the Kickstarter option in order to think outside the box and see if we couldn’t approach our next album in a way that would allow us to maintain complete artistic control of the process and, of course, would allow us to own the masters outright at the end of the day. We also told you that no matter what happened with that project, we WILL record another album. We have had multiple offers (both before and since we launched on Kickstarter) and we recently received one that provided for us to maintain our creative integrity in a way we are satisfied with. Thus, we have opted to go the more “traditional” route this time to ensure that we will have a completed album ready for release in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Vixen’s first release next year.”

“Meanwhile, in very exciting news, we have just determined that our only full-length live concert album, ‘Live In Sweden’, will be available for sale very soon! So that’s the scoop, straight from the Foxes’ mouths. Anything else you read is uninformed.”

The current version of Vixen consists of Jan Kuehnemund (guitar), Jenna Sanz-Agero (vocals), Lynn Louise Lowrey (bass), and Kat Kraft (drums), and can be found at,!/officialvixen and

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