Vixen keyboardist Tyson Leslie fighting Covid symptoms and does not think it’s some conspiracy

Vixen keyboardist Tyson Leslie fighting Covid symptoms and does not think it’s some conspiracy

Vixen keyboardist / road manager Tyson Leslie has tested positive for Covid and is currently self-isolating at home while battling the symptoms from the deadly virus.

The following message was posted on Leslie‘s Facebook page on December 18, 2020:

“Not gonna lie. A lot of people have been so amazing and wonderful today. Calls. Texts. Etc. Thanks to a couple of people I’ve been able to order meds from Kroger to be sent over in the morning.

But a few of you. Wow. I’m sitting here burning up and freezing and can’t sleep and you’re still saying this shit is some conspiracy? You’re still posting debunked false articles about the vaccine?

Did you not see the HUNDREDS of my friends who were sick in my earlier post? Did you not read about how some of those friends also lost family members to this?

At this point I need to slim down my list anyway. So if you’re going to still buy into the nonsense and conspiracy crap then see yourself out. I’m tired of fighting and arguing. I’d rather you just go your own way and all is good. It doesn’t mean I’ll like you any less if I see you on the street. I just don’t want to keep reading your fake news and propaganda.

And I’m not saying that it’s not right to question the vaccine a bit. I get it. It’s weird. It’s scary. And we’ve also never been through anything like this before in most of our life times (unless I’ve got some really old friends). But believe me when I say I wish I had a vaccine to have taken before I contracted this ever so unpleasantness that I’m dealing with right now.

If you want to keep spreading nonsense there’s a new site everyone went to for that. Go do it over there.

And to think I probably have it better than most. So far. And it suuuuucks.”

Sleaze Roxx contributor and professional photographer Christopher Carroll posted the following Facebook message in support of Leslie on December 19, 2020:


My Facebook friend, Tyson Leslie (keyboardist & road manager for the band, VIXEN) is having a tough time.

He has COVID…

– Band (like most) isn’t touring
– Can’t play his other shows in Nashville
– Since he has Covid and is holed up in a room by himself, isolating himself from his wife and kids, he hasn’t even been able to do his online request shows.

…. this is a good guy!

He’s a tirelessly working family man with a big heart!

…. he’s not one of the lucky ones who got Covid and hardly noticed the symptoms.

He’s really suffering.

Most importantly, right now he’s not making any $$!

I thought it would be nice to send him a Christmas donation via PayPal!

THEN, I thought others may want to be generous and contribute what they could, as well!!

His PayPal is

His Venmo is @tysonleslie.

Let’s do something nice for a man in need!!

If you met him out at a show, he’s such a nice guy that you’d buy him a drink… WELL, this is the same thing! Buy him one virtually!

Merry Christmas!!”