Vixen keyboardist Tyson Leslie to debut new song later this month with killer line-up

Vixen keyboardist Tyson Leslie to debut new song later this month with killer line-up

What do you get when you cross the multi-talented, Tyson Leslie, with the proficient guitar licks of Jimi Bell (Autograph, House of Lords), the virtuosic bass playing of Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, The Winery Dogs, Sons of Apollo, David Lee Roth, Talas), the vigorous drumming of Roxy Petrucci (Vixen) and the comprehensive vocals of Todd La Torre (Queensrÿche)? One monsterous song!!

If you aren’t familiar with Tyson Leslie, he’s the phenomenal keyboardist for Vixen. He also leads and organizes Rare Hare, a show that has existed in clubs, locally, in Nashville and has also been on the Monsters of Rock Cruise where he plays practically every instrument known to man. Each song has a variety of rock stars playing the parts and it’s wildly popular.

Not long ago, Tyson let me hear a song he was working on and when he rattled off the names of the impressive musicians he was going to have play on it my jaw dropped… and I was excited! But, then, he said he wanted Todd La Torre to sing on the song and I was a little surprised. I know Todd‘s voice well. I’ve followed him since he replaced Midnight in one of my favorite bands, Crimson Glory, and I really didn’t see his voice fitting into this song.

Fast forward to today when Tyson let me hear a rough mix of the song complete with all parts recorded and Todd sounds great in it! He adds his own vocal personality to the song. Jimi is playing some speedy guitar harmonies. Todd‘s voice is wide open and many probably won’t even recognize it. His vocal harmonies are incredibly tight. Billy‘s signature ‘rolling’ bass is unmistakable and Roxy is playing powerfully and perfect.

Tyson wrote the music. Jimi Bell went into BlackBird Studios in Connecticut to record his parts with his friend, Nano Scuicco, engineering. Tyson told me that he sent the whole thing over to Todd La Torre to write the lyrics and simply said, “I want the title to be Burning Time”. He said, “from there, Todd just took it and ran with it”. The song was mixed and mastered by Anthony Focx of Beautiful Creatures.

Tyson hopes the final mix will be ready to be released by this Friday and then the song will be available on Apple Music, Spotify and all other streaming platforms so be sure to start looking for it Friday and listen to it yourself.

Expect an EP to follow in the spring with multiple line-ups of musicians and singers.