Von Voigt release debut album ‘Year Of The Dragon’

Von Voigt release debut album ‘Year Of The Dragon’

Back on June 21, 2016, New York rockers Von Voigt released their debut album entitled Year Of The Dragon.

Von Voigt describe themselves as follows in their Facebook bio (with slight edit):

“At a time when too many bands are busy churning out dirges filled with as many banjo riffs as possible, Von Voigt delivers hook-infested compositions with aplomb, treating every show like it’s the third incarnation of Live Aid.


Formed in 2014, the band unites 4 extra-ordinary gentlemen who crossed oceans to join forces in New York City, capital of the world and cesspool of lost souls.

Fronting the outfit, chief song-writer, singer and keyboard player Tommy Von Voigt dishes out the hooks like a space-age David Lee Roth returning from his trip to Jupiter.

Guitar duties are overseen by Euro-Latino Nick Ruibal, who handles his six-string mistress like it’s the last New Years Eve before a South-Beach apocalypse.

The rhythm section is cemented by bassist Enrique Mancia, whose musical CV reads like a Wall Street escort-girl’s little black book. He is backed by tsunami-drummer Ryo Tanaka.

Von Voigt channels the golden-age of rock, delivering the gospel with stories of mayhem and sonic salvation through the almighty hook. Their choruses stick to you like a hangover in the morning after the night you spent with a dozen supermodels in Bali.

Von Voigt is turning every live performance into an event, because…

von-voigt-album-cover…we play stadium shows, everywhere.”

The group lists Queen, AC/DC and Van Halen as influences.

Track List for Year Of The Dragon:
01. Gimme That Shock
02. (You’re An) Animal
03. Another Love Song
04. Bad Little Boy
05. Two Hearts
06. Year Of The Dragon
07. Get It While It’s Hot
08. Star Shaker
09. Dear Jupiter
10. Shame On The Radio

Von Voigt performing “Another Love Song” live at Arlene’s Grocery in New York, NY, USA on August 30, 2016:

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Von Voigt performing “Year Of The Dragon” live at The Bitter End in New York, NY, USA on September 27, 2016:

Von Voigt – Year of the Dragon – Live @The Bitter End

Von Voigt – Year of the Dragon – Live @The Bitter EndSaturday 27th September 2014Captured by Steven ESLike us on: www.facebook.com/vonvoigtnycTweet with us a…