Voodoo Angel drop video for new single “Break It Out”

Voodoo Angel drop video for new single “Break It Out”

French rockers Voodoo Angel consisting of lead vocalist Jean-Luc Rumba, bassist Jim Red, drummer Thomas Feuga and lead guitarist Christophe Mouynet have released a video for their new single “Break It Out” from their debut album First Spell, which can be ordered via Sleaszy Rider Records.

Track List for First Spell:
01. Wake Me When It’s Done
02. Break It Out
03. Your Reflexion
04. The Exit Day
05. Licence To Kill
06. Sadomasochrist
07. Home Sweet Home
08. A Stick In the Back
09. Crazy
10. Somebody To Thrill Me

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Rumba explained how Voodoo Angel ended up choosing “Break It Out” as the next single from First Spell to get the video treatment. Rumba indicated: “After the launch of the first two video episodes for “The Exit Day” and “Wake Me When It’s Done” — the latter now exceeding 230,000 youtube views — we wanted to show some of our other stylistic influences, [which are] a little different. Indeed, the first two tracks from our album First Spell are in the purest sleaze rock / hard rock style. However, Voodoo Angel incorporates eclectic musical elements from many realms and we wanted to highlight this to be heard by those who recently discovered us. “Break It Out” takes us, in my opinion, into a hybrid universe mixing glam 80’s rhythm guitar, a chorus with alternative rock melodies and keyboard / piano parts that recall Jerry Lee Lewis. For some reviewers, this song evokes a cocktail mix of KISS, The Clash, The Jim Jones Revue and maybe even some Hanoi Rocks hooks.”

In terms of how Voodoo Angel ended up hooking up with Sleaszy Rider Records, Rumba stated: “We were looking for a label that works with bands with various styles, and Sleaszy Rider seemed like the ideal choice. Tolis, the owner of Sleaszy Rider, answered us very quickly, and we decided to work together. He’s really involved in the advice he gives to bands, and for us, human contact is fundamental. Tolis communicated a lot with us during the production of the visuals of the album. We exchange quite regularly on various issues. It’s very important for us to have an external and objective look because as you know, objectivity is maybe not the prime instinct for musicians!”

With respect to Voodoo Angel‘s plans for the rest of 2022, Rumba revealed: “We have gigs planned for September and hopefully more to follow through the year. We’ll be launching new videos on a regular basis including a cover that we think will appeal to a lot to sleaze rock fans. We’ll also unplug and strip down a good portion of the songs from the album into acoustic versions, with unexpected arrangements and a very different feel. The second part of the year is going to be very busy! But it’s a real pleasure to be able to do all that. We’re lucky!”

Voodoo Angel‘s “Break It Out” video: