Voodoo Angel release video for new single “Crazy”

Voodoo Angel release video for new single “Crazy”

French rockers Voodoo Angel consisting of lead vocalist Jean-Luc Rumèbe, bassist Jim Red, drummer Thomas Feuga and lead guitarist Christophe Mouynet have unveiled a video for their new single “Crazy” from their debut album First Spell, which was released back on June 3, 2022 and can be purchased via Sleaszy Rider Records.

Track List for First Spell:
01. Wake Me When It’s Done
02. Break It Out
03. Your Reflexion
04. The Exit Day
05. Licence To Kill
06. Sadomasochrist
07. Home Sweet Home
08. A Stick In the Back
09. Crazy
10. Somebody To Thrill Me

Speaking to Sleaze Roxx earlier this month, Rumèbe indicated: “For this video clip production, we strived for a more original artistic direction this time. The theme of this song evokes the collision between past and present, time and space, dreams verses reality!  Therefore we steered away from a stark band scenario, bringing together thought, mind and body into a combined vibe. The collision of images was therefore essential: the same scene, with two distinct images rubbing shoulders, two artistic performances joined through music. Giving birth to the idea of an original choreography associated with the rehearsal of a rock band. 

Maeva Gustiez, a professional artist, was given ‘carte blanche’ to express the music, and improvised an exceptional interpretation, mixing classical and contemporary dance to stunning effect. The video owes a lot to her delivery, both technically and the creative performance. We can’t dance! but [guitarist] Chris [Mouynet] undeterred, tried a few moves in boxers and socks, reminiscent of both Nureyev and David Lee Roth coming out of a boozy evening at Lemmy’s! But that, we solemnly promise you, we keep it for the next video or maybe Halloween!”

Voodoo Angel‘s “Crazy” video: