Voodoo Vegas Invade The Streets Of Germany

Voodoo Vegas Invade The Streets Of Germany

July 24, 2014

This past weekend Voodoo Vegas played at the Rhineland-Palatinate-Day Parade. Over 30,000 people lined the streets of Neuwied, Germany to see over 150 different acts perform on the two kilometer route.

Voodoo Vegas were the first ever rock band to play the parade in its 31 year history. The UK band were representing Rockfestival Rengsdorf, which the band will play this weekend with the likes of The Answer, and German metal kings Rage. For more information on Rockfestival Rengsdorf visit rockfreunde.de.

Voodoo Vegas singer Lawrence Case said about the parade, “This was one of the craziest and best gigs we’ve ever played. Over 30,000 people saw us play, we had dudes dressed as Roman’s in front of us and horses with Dalmatian spots behind us. A German Prime Minister saw us play, and we were playing on the back of a huge lorry. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is.”

Voodoo Vegas released their debut album ‘The Rise Of Jimmy Silver’ in early 2013. The album reached the Sleaze Roxx Top 10 and was called “a healthy dose of ’80s sleaze crossbred with ’70s classic rock is what you will find on The Rise Of Jimmy Silver — an impressive debut album that should usher in ‘the rise of’ Voodoo Vegas.”

Voodoo Vegas have already begun writing for the follow-up with tentative plans to begin recording this winter for a spring 2015 release. “The songs are coming on great,” Case told Sleaze Roxx earlier this year. “Last week I sent 6 songs over to Pedro Ferreira (‘The Rise Of Jimmy Silver’ producer) to see what he thinks of them — the plan is to work with Pedro again on the new album. I think we are taking a more bluesy hard rock sound. We’ve been playing some of the songs at the recent live shows, new songs like ‘Killing Joke’, ‘Lady Divine’ and ‘Hypnotize’ have gone down great. I’m really excited to hit the road this summer, and then to start recording the new album this coming winter.”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com