W.E.T. Announce Release Date And Post Video For New Single


November 5, 2009

Friday, November 6th is the official release date in Europe of the highly anticipated W.E.T. debut album featuring Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman), Erik Martensson (Eclipse) and Robert Sall (Work of Art).

The album is being released in the first pressing as a digipak release with a bonus DVD which includes an in-depth interview with the band members plus the videoclip of “One Love”, “Brothers In Arms” and for the haunting ballad “Comes Down Like Rain”, the second single off the album.

Frontiers Records will release the highly anticipated, self-titled debut album from W.E.T. on November 6 as a special CD/DVD package. Featuring the immense talents of singer/songwriter Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman); guitarist/songwriter Erik Martensson (Eclipse) and guitarist/songwriter Robert Sall (Work Of Art), this is the melodic hard rock album you have been waiting for!

Work of art Eclipse Talisman was written and recorded over the last 12 months and features the best elements of the three bands the principle artists have been involved in.

And the guys all feel the same way about this album:

Erik: “In the beginning it was just a project set up by Frontiers but somewhere along the process of making it, it evolved into something greater then the project we had started with. We had a fantastic flow in the song writing and when Jeff recorded his lead vocals it all fell into place.”

Jeff: “I’m very excited about the WET project. What a brilliant idea of Frontiers to put the three of us together. I think the album turned even better than we hoped for and I can’t wait to see the reactions from the melodic rock fans. I’m really proud of this record and I think a lot of people is gonna ‘wet’ there pants once they get to hear it!I knew this was the kind of album a ..LOT.. of people wanted me to make so I am quite hopeful it will be amongst one of the biggest things I have done in my career thusfar. I have never heard or felt such a buzz for something I am a part of and I couldn’t be more proud with my ‘brothers in arms’, Erik & Robert, for helping create what shall hopefully become a Classic masterpiece.”

And the future seems bright for the trio.

Jeff: “I believe if it does well enough, we would be silly not to take it on the road. Possibly start with a few select dates to get our feet ‘wet’ then see what time & schedules permit. The thing to remember here is we are of 3 separate & completely different careers that are all currently in motion but in my heart of hearts, I feel this is the beginning of something that will be around for a while, not just a one off!”

Erik: “I would love to go out and play live with this band and I would surely love to make a follow up album for it.”

Robert: “If the album does well enough and if our different schedules allow it, I would love to go and play live with WET. And I have pretty good feeling this is not the first and last record from W.E.T.!”

The word masterpiece is tossed around on various occasions, but in this instance there is no doubt what they guys have achieved.

“W.E.T. might just be the perfect balance of power and melody, emotion and attitude. A dream line-up that really delivers their very best. This is a stunner!” – Andrew McNeice of www.melodicrock.com

The debut W.E.T. album features the following tracks:
One Love
Brothers In Arms
Comes Down Like Rain
Running From The Heartache
I’ll Be There
Damage Is Done
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
One Day At A Time
Just Go
My Everything
If I Fall

DVD: Video Clips for: “One Love”, “Comes Down Like Rain” and “Brothers In Arms” and a 15 minute EPK.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.frontiers.it