Warlock Reissues Coming From Metal Mind Productions On January 31st

Warlock Reissues Coming From Metal Mind Productions On January 31st

January 10, 2011

Warlock is without question one of the most prominent bands in the history of German heavy metal. Their musical journey began in the early 1980’s and came to a sudden stop in 1987, when the group’s singer, Doro Pesch, was forced to continue her career under a new moniker. This year, Metal Mind Productions are proud to present three exclusive re-releases of Warlock’s amazing albums – “Hellbound”, “True As Steel” and”Triumph and Agony”, all of which capture the sheer essence of heavy metal, delivering fast and melodic riffs, intense drumming and stunning vocal performances by one of the best female metal singers of all times! The albums will be available in a new digipak edition, each limited to 2000 copies and each title includes bonus tracks. Metal Mind Productions has set the release date as January 31, 2011.

The band was originally assembled in 1982 in Dusseldorf, Germany and featured the following line-up: Doro Pesch (vocals), Peter Szigeti (guitar), Frank Rittel (bass), Rudy Graf (guitar) and Michael Eurich (drums). In 1984, Warlock released their spectacular debut album entitled “Burning the Witches”, which brought them even more fame and recognition. In May 1985, the band released their second LP “Hellbound” via Vertigo Records. The follow-up was a significant step away from the traditional heavy metal approach which could be heard on “Burning The Witches”. This time the group focused more on incorporating elements of hard rock and power metal into their style. Nevertheless, “Hellbound” proved to be the heaviest and most intense material that Warlock has ever recorded, and probably one of the heaviest albums released in 1985 (outside of thrash metal, that is). The LP featured such highlights as “Earthshaker Rock”, “Wrathchild” and the beautiful closing ballad “Catch My Heart”. By the end of their touring period, Rudy Graf left Warlock and was soon replaced by Niko Arvanitis (ex-Stormwind). The renewed line-up signed a record deal with Phonogram for their next album. The band’s third opus “True As Steel” saw the light of day in August 1986. The LP became a big success in the US, mostly thanks to a fair amount of airplay for the single “Fight For Rock”. In terms of style, “True As Steel” showcased a bit more mainstream approach, with a greater emphasis on melodic choruses and, at times, clearly influenced by such bands as Dokken or Quiet Riot. The highlights of the LP include the powerful opener “Mr. Gold”, the speed-metal anthem “Midnite in China” and the stunning power ballad “Love Song”. Soon after the album was released, Warlock performed at the Monsters of Rock festival in Germany, next to such legendary acts as Scorpions, Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne and Bon Jovi. Next, they went on a full tour to promote the album, at the end of which bassist Frank Rittel and guitarist Peter Szigeti called it quits. They were replaced by Tommy Bolan (ex-Armed Forces) and Tommy Henriksen. Warlock’s fourth LP “Triumph and Agony” was released in September 1987. The album went even further into mainstream grounds, delivering perhaps the most cohesive material in the band’s entire career. The music video “All We Are” was often played on MTV’s “Headbanger’s Ball” and, to this day, the song remains the most successful Warlock single. Other fine cuts from the album include the crushing “I Rule the Ruins”, the rock-oriented “Metal Tango” and the touching “Fur Immer” (“Forever”) with inspirational lyrics sung in German. The release was followed by the group’s first ever American tour, during which they supported Megadeth along with Sanctuary. This was followed by a series of headlining shows, with Warlock being supported by such acts as Lillian Axe or Fates Warning. Unfortunately, after the tour has ended, both Michael Eurich and Niko Arvanitis left the group, leaving Doro as the band’s sole original member. After the recruitment of drummer Bobby Rondinelli (ex-Rainbow) and guitarist Jon Levin, Doro was ready to record Warlock’s fifth LP. However, her plans were foiled by a law suit issued by the group’s ex-manager who claimed the rights for Warlock’s name. Surprisingly, he won and Doro, pressured by her record label, chose to continue her career under a new moniker. As DORO, the singer released many successful albums, the most recent being “Fear No Evil” from 2009.

In 2004, Doro reunited with the original members of Warlock for a few festival performances. Unfortunately, legal problems made it impossible for the band to continue using their original name. Warlock ceased to exist along with “Triumph and Agony”, a title which proved to be an ironic metaphor of the group’s future.

Nevertheless, thanks to the exclusive re-releases of “Hellbound”, “True As Steel” and “Triumph and Agony” fans may once again revisit the golden years of Warlock – the years that brought the true quintessence of heavy metal.

“Hellbound” Reissue Tracklist:
1. Hellbound
2. All Night
3. Earthshaker Rock
4. Wrathchild
5. Down And Out
6. Out Of Control
7. Time To Die
8. Shout It Out
9. Catch My Heart
Bonus tracks:
10. Hellraiser
11. Hellbound (live)

“True As Steel” Reissue Tracklist:
1. Mr. Gold
2. Fight For Rock
3. Love In The Danger Zone
4. Speed of Sound
5. Midnite In China
6. Vorwats, All Right!
7. True As Steel
8. Lady In A Rock’n’Roll Hell
9. Love Song
10. Igloo On The Moon (Reckless)
11. T.O.L.
Bonus tracks:
12. You Hurt My Soul
13. Turn It On
14. Evil

“Triumph And Agony” Reissue Tracklist:
1. All We Are
2. Three Minute Warning
3. I Rule The Ruins
4. Kiss of Death
5. Make Time For Love
6. East Meets West
7. Touch of Evil
8. Metal Tango
9. Cold, Cold World
10. Fur Immer
Bonus tracks:
11. East Meets West (live)
12. Angels with Dirty Faces
13. Under the Gun
14. Something Wicked This Way Comes

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