Warrant Drummer Issues Road Report


October 2, 2008

Warrant drummer Steven Sweet has issued the following road report:

Road Report by Steven Sweet
September 19th, 2008
Maplewood, MN

Well, well, well. Here it is… “Finally”. The much awaited, long anticipated, highly overrated… no wait a minute, scratch that last proclamation – brutally agonizing – yeah, that’s better…. ROAD REPORT by,… well, me Steven Sweet (if that really IS my name?). It all started one day last September; 5 boys from different parts of the United States decided to join forces and conquer the world, or at least Maplewood, MN (which by the way might sound a hair more impressive were I to say Minneapolis/St. Paul – but I like to stick to the cold hard facts, as those of you who’ve read my last road report know all too well). The night was tepid, or humid or insert some random adjective describing a warm summer night (technically it’s early fall but who’s really fact checking??!) and we had all convened at the Myth which indeed actually does exist, despite the misleading nature of its name. Coming off a 216 hour layover (9 days) in Los Angeles after our last show in Tucson on the 9th. (no one told me it was okay to go home in between flights so I managed to rent a “Smarte Carte” (stupid spelling I know) and create a makeshift airport home in the corner of the Southwest terminal, just between Starbuck’s and Cinnabon…mmmm, the smells were absolutely intoxicating, I actually didn’t want to go home). Okay that last part about staying at the airport for a 216 hour layover was total Bullshit. In reality (what’s that?) we had a few days off, 2 days of which were spent in rehearsal working on delivering the goods… which I think paid off. Rewinding, we actually had a great first show in Tucson, AZ with Robert front and center “pulling his own” as if he’d been there since day one (when I say “pulling his own” I am referring to the saying which means he was able to “handle his parts in a confident, commanding manner” that doesn’t sound much better does it – WEIGHT, I mean pulling his own WEIGHT – sheese forget it). Anyhow the show kicked ass and THIS night was even better because we had our pal Joey back to fill out the mix with his unique blend of attitude and skills that only he can deliver.

As some of you may have heard, Robert Mason is proving to be a true gift to the Warrant line-up and I encourage everyone who is blessed enough to read this (and not get dizzy, pass out or throw up) to take away with them this one thing,and that is… Warrant is more than just one guy playing his heart out, it’s actually 5 now, 5 guys who really want to deliver the kind of fun, kick-ass, rock and roll show that this band was known for since it’s inception- before even I was in the band. With the new and refreshed union of 5 guys who want the same thing as the fans want, we are here to deliver, so I suggest to anyone who has even the slightest doubt that what I say is true, come to a show, check out the NEW YouTube footage and judge for yourselves, but even better, just know that Jerry, Erik, Joey, Robert and myself will put on the best show of our careers, EVERY NIGHT, so just pick one – I challenge you!

Okay, wow – that was unexpected, and I have to admit a little cathartic, I think I need a moist towelette (what?). All the music fans, I repeat, MUSIC FANS that bore witness to the Myth show were given the best Warrant show of the year (reminder: more to come). Not only did Joey manage to NOT burst into flames this time, but he actually exuded a sort of celestial glow that shifted hues, similar to the Aurora-borealis… which was really very pleasing although sometimes distracting (pretty lights)! Erik only turned into a Man-Beast fleetingly, when he ducked behind the stage-scrims to piss on his amp which was acting up (his Guitar tech was only mildly burned by the arcing voltage that this caused). Even Jerry who tends to “Angel-UP” I call it (referring to Chris Angel and his levitation skill), and fly around the rafters, managed to stay grounded (I guess it’s because he was proud to be a part of what was going on around him on stage!). I (OF COURSE)played my ass off (don’t worry, I’ve since had it fixed and pants are staying on nicely again), and Robert (B.M.F.) Mason did his thing which is nothing short of rock-out with his sock-out (come on, this is a family report?! and by the way I am not insinuating by any means that the man stuffs his junk, ’cause how else to you get pipes like those without one big one to anchor the others down).

All in all, it was a glorious night, our friend Eddie Trunk posted a blog on his site which objectively states his personal point of view on what happened this fateful night – (check out the link HERE). Our old friends, who are now all growed up, TRIXTER gave their all, and actually “Gave it to us good”. As did Herricane Alice, kick ass 80’s style melodic hard rock to bang your head to (or, if you’re like me, gently sway your head on account of being over 40, HAH!).

I’ll save the story about my Shaman Journeying in the airplane potty for next time!
Until then, have a good one, and if you can’t have a good one… have a quick one!

Thanks for your continued support of Rock n Roll!
The Down Boys

Courtesy of www.warrantweb.net