Warrant frontman Robert Mason reiterates declined to join Ratt back in the day

Warrant frontman Robert Mason reiterates declined to join Ratt back in the day

Current Warrant‘s frontman and former Lynch Mob and Big Cock singer Robert Mason was recently interviewed by Jeb Wright of Classic Rock Revisited and stated the following about being asked to join Ratt:

“Boys and girls out there in Internet land… in the background we are listening to Ratt right now playing before we go on. There was a time when Stephen [Pearcy] had quit Ratt and Bob [Blotzer] and Warren [DeMartini] put the pressure on me pretty hard to replace Stephen, and I told them ‘no’.

img_3498I love those guys… I really do. I really do like them all. That is just Bobby out there right now… We get along great… now. When I said “no” to them I told them to go get their singer back because he was right for Ratt. I was not the right singer for that band.

I had another thing I was trying to do at the time. I had a different project and I was writing and doing sessions and doing work for hire stuff, too. I said no to them and in retrospect I think they know I’m right. They were pissed at me for a couple of years. As much as I really like Ratt -I’m a fan- it was not right for me. I am a Warrant fan, too, in a lot of ways.”

Of note, Mason‘s account of his time in Ratt in his recent interview with Classic Rock Revisited is consistent with an interview that he did with Sleaze Roxx back in January 2006 and another interview that he did back in February 2008 with Brian Rademacher of Rock Eyez when Mason was fronting Big Cock.

Back in January 2006, Sleaze Roxx had asked what happened to Mason as it seemed that he was going to be a member of Ratt. Mason replied: “I’ve known Warren as long as George [Lynch], and love his playing style. Stephen had left them in a bad spot (I was told). I’m buds with Rob Crane, and I ran into them in LA. I jammed a few times, talked about it, but never felt comfortable with replacing their singer. It just didn’t fit right with me. The press and fans got a hold of it and it was blown out of proportion. I know Bob and Warren wanted me to do it and were pissed/offended that I wouldn’t, but they got Jizzy who is a great, intense performer and I feel the right guy, and I hope they’re over it and we can all get along. Hey DiMar – call me, dude! I’d write and do a record with that guy outside the context of Ratt any day.”

When asked whether he was tired of the stories of him joining Ratt when Pearcy had left, Mason stated to Rock Eyez in February 2008: “Honestly, I was flattered. I’ve known Warren as long as I’ve known George. I was at NAMM and saw Robbie Crane and asked did I want to jam with those guys. So I went and played with them a couple times. I had another project going at the same time and I told them that. I also told them I did not think it would be good for them or for me to have me be the singer in RATT. I didn’t want to be the guy replacing Stephen Pearcy for awhile; I thought they were better off patching it up, for them, anyway. Bobby really wanted me to do it; RATT have a legacy and a fan base and can still draw people. I didn’t want to do it so I backed out before it really became anything. I mean we rehearsed and jammed together doing covers and RATT tunes. I know Warren and his wife pretty well but they couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to join RATT. I did not want to be the voice of RATT. Stephen is the voice of RATT and has a pretty identifiable voice. When we played together it didn’t sound like RATT. They are a fantastic band and great musicians but it just didn’t sound like RATT.”

Mason did confirm to Rock Eyez about his time with Ratt that: “We played live and someone recorded it.”

Mason‘s account above seems to be in conflict with what is stated by Wikipedia in that regard:

“In January 2000, Pearcy left the group again and went on tour with his band Nitronic, which soon after became “Ratt Featuring Stephen Pearcy“. In this period, his record label Top Fuel Records released some archived Ratt material and Pearcy solo work.

DeMartini and Blotzer briefly replaced Pearcy with singer Robert Mason, who would demo with the band.[10] Mason played a showcase for John Kalodner of Portrait Records but Kalodner was only interested in offering a new deal if they changed their name, DeMartini and Blotzer said no, Mason left because he was only interested if they had a major label deal, Kelli would also leave and wind up joining Slash’s Snakepit. Jizzy Pearl and guitarist John Corabi ended up replacing Mason and Kelli. After a legal battle, the DeMartini-Blotzer version eventually won the rights to tour as ‘Ratt‘.”

The New Los Angeles Music Awards stated the following reportedly in 2010 about Mason‘s involvement with Ratt: “Mason replaced Stephen Pearcy in Ratt in the early part and spring of 2000 and played a brief gig at a showcase for Portrait Records. He did record a demo as well.[1] He ended up leaving and being replaced by Jizzy Pearl.”

Ratt reportedly with Robert Mason singing “Lovin You’s A Dirty Job” song:

Ratt Robert Mason Lovin You’s A Dirty Job

Ratt doing Lovin You’s a Dirty Job with Robert Mason from Lynch Mob/Warrant. He was auditioning for singer…..which they ended up going with Jizzy

You can read the rest of Jeb Wright‘s 2016 interview with Mason at Classic Rock Revisited.